Awareness about health and safety in construction is a great way of helping to keep the site and workers safe. Being aware of the problems, types of accidents and techniques on how to reduce the risks make it easier to manage a team of employees as they go about their work in one of the most dangerous industries. The CCNSG Safety Passport is a course that’s been designed to provide a level of training that raises awareness and which meets the requirements that have been established by the Health and Safety Executive.

The awareness training has multiple outcomes for anyone who decides to attend the course. It’s a hugely popular training option that is frequently chosen by employers looking to train up their workers. The learning outcomes help to improve the health and safety on the site as individuals leave with a better understanding of their actions, the procedures that need to be followed and the law. Some of the learning outcomes include:

  • The COSHH and use of protective gear.
  • Procedures and practices for various types of work such as: manual handling, working with noise, excavations and fire.
  • Regulations and health and safety legislation.
  • First aid procedures.
  • Fire precautions.
  • Work regulations when using heavy equipment.

The training only last for two days and each person who passes the training will be awarded by the ECITB with the Client Contractors National Safety Group Safety Passport. The passport can be used to show contractors, clients and other professionals that the individual is ready to work on site and has already received health and safety training.

The ECITB also provide a supervisors passport for anyone who has a higher level of responsibility on site. The training lasts for one day and looks into the roles and responsibilities of supervisors in construction. Risk assessments and hazard spotting is focused on, both aspects of health and safety management that supervisors must know about and be able to do.

If you are interested in the CCNSG Safety Passport or the CCNSG Supervisor Passport speak to one of our team. You can reach us by calling 0844 567 6750 or via our online contact form.