Envico Ltd will be re-launching its envico-online.com domain and website at the end of April 2014. The new website will be a major leap forward for Envico Ltd.

Site Modifications and Enhancements

The new website has a modified structure to enable more speedy navigation. It has a professionally created video delivering our core company values. The video provides the viewer with information on what we do which makes us different and why customers will have a better experience using our website over others.

An optional shopping cart has been added for handling multiple booking types, better navigation, quick-book execution options following totally new and enhanced search results and visuals all of which have been designed to speed up the course booking process.

The new site is very innovate and we are bringing something new to the table again.

Accurate and Informative Health and Safety Course and Provider Data Provision

Providing accurate and informative data is extremely important to us. Our focus on providing accurate and informative data online has enabled us to stay at the very forefront for over a decade.

We’ve included new data on the site which will be managed internally by our growing team. The type of data we’re referring to is that which our customers and we believe is important in helping them to make the right decision and book the right course with the right health and safety training provider. The more information we provide the more helpful and useful it is for our customers. The information will provide our new website with more transparency, credibility and authority.

Adding new data is time consuming and difficult to manage, however this is one thing which makes us different – we do the difficult things because they are worth doing. The ultimate focus of this data provision is to enable our visitors and customers to make more informed and intelligent decisions when they come to our website to book a health and safety training course online.

We look forward to seeing you on our new website soon. Have a great day!


Drew Mitchell – Managing Director