Having a safety passport is an easy way of showing clients and potential employees that you have the skills required to work safely in construction. It’s an easy way of showing your skills and that you are skilled in the latest health and safety techniques. This gives clients and employers some form of proof that you will not be a liability on site and that there is no need to provide you with extra training before you can begin work.

There are safety passports which are awarded for passing the Client Contractor National Safety Group Scheme, the CCNSG. The idea of the training is to improve health and safety awareness and it also touches on environmental awareness too. The passport is nationally recognised and is often required by contractors before they are allowed to work on site. If you are seeking employment this can give you a good chance of being employed, especially over people who don’t have the qualification.

Employers Benefit by Sending Employees on the Safety Passport

Employers also choose to send their workers on these courses to help reduce the risks on site. If you are lucky enough to work for such an employer it is possible to have the training delivered on site rather than attending a local training centre. The employer is able to save money this way but will need to have several delegates that require the training.

The learning outcomes for those who choose to take the training include:

  • Being able to explain the theories of safe manual handling
  • Outlining the safe practices when working with access and exits, scaffolding and excavations
  • Understand first aid procedures and the procedures surrounding accidents
  • The Health and Safety Laws
  • Fire precautions and fire safety procedures
  • Permits to work
  • The use of personal protective equipment
  • Able to define the COSHH
  • Procedures when working with noise

You can learn all this and more by booking a place on the CCNSG Safety Passport course. It takes just two days to complete and you will need to sit the multiple choice exam at the end of the training to pass and gain the qualification. Book your place by calling 0844 567 6750.