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What is Accident Investigation?

Research suggests effective board leadership can deliver a 5 – 10% reduction in workplace accidents and ill health. Other HSE research suggests 70% of accidents can be attributed to management failure at some point along the chain.

To have an effective health and safety culture honest lessons need to be taken from accidents and near misses that occur.

Domino theories of accident causation suggest accidents result from a chain of events like a line of dominoes falling over. When one of the dominoes falls, it triggers the next one, eventually leading to an accident, injury or other loss. Accident prevention strategies involve removing one domino from the chain. The root causes of accidents are usually organisational failing to remove one domino from the chain.

What’s Included in the Online Accident Investigation Course?

This Accident Investigation course objective is to provide an understanding of how to thoroughly investigate accidents and get to the root cause. In this way effective preventative measures to beak the chain can be implemented in the future.

The online accident investigation course then shows candidates how to thoroughly investigate accidents and near misses, so that better preventative measures can be implemented in the future.

CPD Accredited

This is a CPD accredited Accident Investigation course with online assessment and certificate.

What You Will Learn

  • What near misses and accidents are
  • Why you should investigate them both
  • Gathering evidence
  • Drawing conclusions
  • Reporting techniques
  • How to implement system improvement

Course Benefits

  • Accelerated Learning
  • Complies with UK legislation
  • Complies with Health & Safety Executive best practice
  • Rich Media & engaging content
  • Instant digital certificate on successful completion
  • Complementary training record back-up from echo3education
  • Unlimited course access for 12 months


60 minutes

Assessment and Certification

To successfully complete this online Accident Investigation course candidates are required to achieve 80% in the final assessment. The assessment may be retaken as often as required. On successful completion candidates will be automatically emailed their completion certificate.

The completion certificate contains the attendee name, course title, date and a validation code which can be authenticated via the training provider.

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