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CDM Awareness Course

The CDM Awareness course is of benefit both to students and their employers. The former can obtain a greater understanding of the legislation and thereby be better equipped to do their job. The latter can be assured that their employees will be able to work effectively and comply with the new regulations.

Delivered by Highly Qualified Tutors

All of the training will be provided by highly-qualified tutors. Tutor support will be also provided by experts, all of whom will have extensive experience and knowledge of health and safety in the construction sector.

Interactive Learning

As well as simply imparting new information, the CDM course will also include interactive elements, like quizzes and guided discussions, which will help students to obtain a more concrete understanding of the new changes and how they might be applied to their workplaces.

CDM Awareness Course Learning Materials

All of the learning materials provided as part of the course have been created especially for the purpose. They will prove a valuable reference during the training course and will continue to do so even after the course has been completed.

The training course will also furnish attendees with the confidence necessary to perform their duties, secure in their knowledge of the new legislation and how to stay within it.

Other CDM Training

  • CDM 2015 in Practice – available in a traditional classroom setting or e-learning format. Over the course of two days, you will be given expert, comprehensive tuition in the details of the legislation. The terminology introduced by the new regulations will be thoroughly explained and the codes of best practice in the industry will be closely explored.

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