CDM Training – 2015 Regulations

cdm training course 2015 regsThose attending this CDM training course (CDM 2015 in Practice) will, over the course of two days, be given expert, comprehensive tuition in the details of the legislation. The terminology introduced by the new regulations will be thoroughly explained and the codes of best practice in the industry will be closely explored. This instruction will be provided by tutors who are charismatic and qualified, with support from highly qualified experts with a wealth of experience in health and safety in construction.

CDM Course

The CDM 2015 course recognises the importance of interactivity in information retention. It therefore encourages interactivity through quizzes and discussion, which will be guided by tutors. In this way a firm understanding of CDM 2015 regulations can be built.

Students will also be provided with comprehensive learning materials, all of which are specially created for the course. These resources will be valuable during the course, but also provide a valuable source of reference when the course is completed. Should a particular detail of the legislation happen to slip your mind, you will have the information to hand.

The CDM training for project managers course will introduce students to the roles and responsibilities CDM 2015 regs demands. The CDM course focus lies in particular with the client, principal designer and principal contractor – specific terms introduced in the new regulations whose meaning will be explained in full. As well as discussing the duties required of these people, the course will also deal with the paperwork required to prove that these duties have been carried out.

As well as dealing with the minutiae of the legislation, the CDM regs training will also provide an insight into best health and safety practices in general. The tutors will be able to provide insights into the best way to create a safe working environment. This is, historically, an area in which the construction sector has fallen behind – it is important therefore that best practice is imparted, so that any risk might be kept to a minimum.

The CDM Course is Also Available Online

We offer the CDM 2015 in Practice online course. All you need is a recent handheld device, modern laptop or personal computer and access to reliable broadband internet. You can study online at home or at work at your own pace and convenience.