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What is LPG?

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a flammable fuel gas which contains a mixture of hydrocarbon gases, specifically propane, propylene, butylene, isobutane, and n-butane. LPG is widely used commercially and domestically.

Who is the LPG Safety Course Suitable For?

The LPG Safety course is suitable for employees who are responsible for LPG bottle change. Managers, responsible for workplace safety and or Health and Safety Advisors working in the Republic of Ireland.

What’s Included in the Irish LPG Safety Course?

This LPG Safety course covers LPG cylinder and bulk storage and the specific safety considerations relating to fire and the use of gas stored in pressurised vessels.

  • The properties of Liquefied Petroleum Gas explained.
  • Understanding the hazards associated with LPG.
  • What to do if a leak is suspected (cylinder and bulk storage)
  • How to safely move cylinders.
  • Planning, security, maintenance, and policy consideration for LPG cylinder storage.
  • Planning, security, maintenance, and policy consideration for
  • LPG bulk tank storage.
  • Accident prevention safety measures.
  • Emergency procedures.

Course Duration

40 Minutes


Upon successful completion of this LPG Safety course you will receive a Total Quality Assured (TQA) certificate of achievement.