Working with children comes with responsibilities. While it is fun to help support young children in their learning and socialisation you must always be prepared in case of an accident. Treating scraped knees is one thing, but you also need to be aware of how to administer first aid treatments for more serious problems. It’s also important that you know what to do if someone falls ill, whom to call and show that you have received adequate first aid training.

Choose a Recognised Course

Training on a course that has been recognised by the Pre-School Learning Alliance and National Child Minders Association will give you an excellent qualification that will benefit you greatly as you work with children. The course lasts for two days and is available throughout the UK at various training centres. You will be taught by trained tutors that have the experience and the knowledge to show you how to perform all sorts of first aid procedures.

Learn Multiple Skills and Techniques

During the two days you will get to grips with all sorts of injuries that could happen at any time while working with children. One of the first topics to be covered is about the type of accidents that may happen and how they come about. You will learn about what should be included in first aid kits so you can be prepared if you run your own child minding service from your own home or rented hall.

Other topics covered include how to care for unconscious children, infants and adults and what can cause unconsciousness. Resuscitation techniques will be shown and you will have the opportunity to practice these techniques to make sure you are able to perform them if needed. You will learn about how to deal with accidents involving electric shocks, blood loss and burns or scalds.

Sometimes you may have to administer medication, either as a result of an illness or accident or at the request of the parents. During the course you will learn how to correctly administer medication and also how to recognise symptoms of infectious diseases and some illnesses.