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CITB, the Construction Industry Training Board, is the Sector Skills Council and leading provider of construction skills in Great Britain. CITB courses for construction health and safety represent the industry standard and are must-have training and qualifications for anyone who is working within the construction industry.

What is CITB Site Safety Plus (SSP)?

Site Safety Plus is a comprehensive suite of construction courses for people in building, civil engineering and allied industries.

In-person (classroom) and Online Learning

Site Safety Plus courses are delivered by skilled and experienced instructors in-person in a classroom or online (instructor-led) using video technology such as Zoom or Skype. Site Safety Plus qualifications will not only ensure that your workers are using the appropriate safety practices, but they will also enhance performance and improve professionalism and competitive edge.

Site Safety Plus Courses

The Site Safety Plus (SSP) course offerings include everything you need know about safely working on-site. The courses are designed to give everyone from operative to senior manager the skills they need to progress through the construction industry.

The Health and Safety Awareness course is a one-day health and safety awareness course which covers topics such as health and safety law, responsibilities, accident prevention, risks and control measures.

The SSSTS course is a two-day Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme which covers topics such as the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA), regulations, approved code of practice (ACOP), H&S legal system, construction accidents and risk assessments. The training course is designed for first line managers looking to continue or take on a supervisory role within the construction industry.

The SMSTS course is a five-day Site Management Safety Training Scheme which covers topics such as legal responsibilities, health and safety hazards on site, managing site inductions and risk assessments.


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Courses like these are important in the construction industry because they provide the necessary skills to maintain a safe workforce. With the proper training, construction workers will be able to identify potential hazards on site and take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents from happening.

Prevent Accidents & Injuries on Site with CITB Courses

Accidents and injuries on site due to poor health and safety management can be costly. You will need to pay for the replacement and repair of the damaged equipment, as well as suffer the downtime while it is not operating. Also, you might need to pay a fine for breaching construction health and safety regulations as well as covering the medical costs of your employees if they make a claim. Ensuring that all of your employees have the right construction health and safety training by attending accredited CITB courses can be costly, but in the long run it is much better to make sure that all of your employees have the right training and qualifications to do their job safely.

Improve Construction Health and Safety & Performance on Site

It is important to make sure that all site managers, site supervisors and labourers who are working on a construction site are properly trained for the work that they are carrying out. When employees have the correct training for their job, this will improve their confidence and morale. They will have the confidence to carry out the job safely and successfully and they will also know that you value their contribution and well-being, because you have invested in their training.


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