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In Person and Online NEBOSH Health and Safety Courses

If you’re looking for a NEBOSH course near you, you’ve come to the right place. Most NEBOSH health and safety courses are available in multiple learning formats. The most popular study method is ‘in person’ (classroom). In person NEBOSH courses are scheduled regularly and they are available in most major towns and cities throughout the UK. Some NEBOSH courses however can be studied in any of the four learning formats listed below:

Not all NEBOSH training courses are available in all four learning formats. To help you to determine the most suitable learning format for your needs, we provide tabs at the top of each NEBOSH course description page. Take a look at the NEBOSH General Certificate course description page, you can toggle between tabs for more information.

What is a NEBOSH Course and Why it is Important?

Founded in 1979, NEBOSH (National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is the national examination body responsible for vocational health and safety courses. The organisation manages qualifications, although it does not directly deliver them. NEBOSH courses are delivered by a range of institutions, including educational establishments and privately run training firms. Bodies delivering the training courses must gain accreditation from the examination board in order to deliver them. The range of qualifications available is broad and the organisation offers three levels of qualification; Awards, Certificates and Diplomas.

NEBOSH Award Level Qualifications

NEBOSH Certificate Level Qualifications

Most NEBOSH training providers offer a range of ‘certificate’ level qualifications in the topics of environmental management, construction health and safety, fire safety and general workplace occupational health and safety. NEBOSH certificate level qualifications are valuable to all employees and employers, and are recognised nationally (and in some cases, internationally) as setting industry standards for safety and risk management across a whole range of industries. For small firms who lack resources and expertise in the area of health and safety, these certificate level qualifications offer a simple, established route to ensuring that your employees are working safely and within required legislative standards.

There is a range of options for health and safety training at the certificate level and these offer a comprehensive set of qualifications for managers and other responsible people. They can be crucial in understanding the basic legal requirements around the legislation, but also are designed to create positive attitudes and work practices.

NEBOSH certificate level qualifications fall into a number of categories

NEBOSH Diploma Level Qualifications (National & International)

NEBOSH Diploma level qualifications are aimed at professionals who work within the health and safety field itself. Diplomas are currently offered with a National or International option and include: