What is City & Guilds?

City and Guilds is a vocational education organisation that offers a wide range of training courses and qualifications, including those related to confined spaces.

Confined Space Training

A City and Guilds confined space training course is typically designed to train workers to safely enter and work in confined spaces. The courses cover a range of topics related to working in confined spaces, such as:

City and Guilds offer several levels of confined space courses, from entry level to advance, typically starting with level 1 to level 3, and each level is targeting a different group of workers, with level 1 for people who are new to the subject and level 3 for those who are responsible for managing the work of others.

The goal of City and Guilds confined space course is to provide workers with the knowledge and skills they need to safely and effectively enter and work in confined spaces, and to minimise the risk of accidents and injuries while working in these environments.


NRSWA Course (New Roads and Streetworks Course)

NRWSA stands for New Roads and Street Works Act. The New Roads and Street Works Act (NRSWA) is a UK law that sets out the responsibilities of those who work on or near highways and streets. The law is enforced by local authorities, and it is designed to ensure that street works are carried out safely, without causing unnecessary disruption to traffic and other road users, and to protect people who work on or near highways and streets.

NRWSA courses, or New Roads and Street Works Act courses, are training programs that are designed to help workers understand and comply with the requirements of the NRSWA. These courses are offered by training providers located throughout the UK and aim to train the attendees on the relevant regulations, and the best practices in relation to the safety, health and welfare of the workforce in the street works industry, the courses are designed for:

NRSWA courses cover topics such as


Available City & Guilds Training Courses