What is ILM?

ILM stands for Institute of Leadership and Management, which is a professional membership and awarding organisation in the UK that provides a range of leadership and management qualifications, courses, and training programs. ILM courses are designed to enhance the leadership and management skills of individuals and teams, whether they are new to leadership or experienced managers looking to develop their skills.

ILM Course Topics

ILM courses cover a broad range of topics related to leadership and management, including coaching and mentoring, communication skills, team building, performance management, strategic planning, project management, change management, and many others. ILM courses are delivered in various formats, including online, distance learning, in-house training, and classroom-based courses.

The qualifications offered by ILM range from Level 2 to Level 7 on the UK’s National Qualifications Framework. Level 2 qualifications are suitable for individuals who are new to management, while ILM Level 7 qualifications are designed for senior managers and executives. ILM qualifications are recognised globally, and individuals who complete an ILM course or qualification can demonstrate their leadership and management skills to employers and clients.

Should I Choose ILM Award, Diploma or Certificate?

Depending on how detailed the qualification is and how long it might take to complete, most ILM qualifications fall into three sizes:


ILM Awards are the shortest and most concise qualification, accounting for 10 to 120 hours of learning at a return of 1-12 credits. Awards cover a small selection of units in a moderate level of detail, they are a good option to increase your knowledge in a specific set of areas in a short amount of time.


ILM Certificates (130 to 360 hours of learning) provide a broader base of knowledge and skills, and are awarded between 13 and 36 credits. Certificate courses are more detailed and will help you to develop your knowledge across a wider range of topics. It is a great choice to build a foundation of leadership and management skills.


ILM Diplomas are the most comprehensive qualification, with an extensive programme of learning amounting to over 370 hours of learning for 37 or more credits. The Diploma is the full version of the ILM qualification and will give you a broad scope of knowledge to help you advance in your career. They offer longer study periods, more support and a deeper understanding.

Available ILM Courses & Qualifications