If you are new to health and safety or you are a start-up company then it’s likely you’re going to need some health and safety guidance or assistance on matters such as understanding your legal responsibilities as an employer, appropriate health and safety training for you and your staff and writing a simple health and safety policy.

Popular Health and Safety Topics & Glossary (A-Z)

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Keep Up To Date

The workplace generally becomes more complex as your company grows. We strongly advise you to keep up to date with all aspects of safety. If you do not keep up to date managing safely in your workplace can become very time consuming and expensive to deal with all in one go.

Appropriate Health and Safety Training

In instances where appropriate health and safety training is not provided for your staff or not kept up to date, your workers can be rejected from accessing sites or worse, someone could have a serious accident which could have been prevented. It’s at this point many organisations start to take their responsibilities seriously, however by this time it is often too late.

Small, Medium and Large Organisations

If your organisation is large it is likely that safety is managed internally by a trained occupational health and safety professional, however there are often aspects which require additional external assistance and consultation. If your organisation is small or medium in size it is likely that the majority of your health and safety is outsourced to an independent professional health and safety consultant, who visits your company on a regular basis to ensure your company is up to date with current HSE legislation.

Outsourcing Health and Safety Management

Outsourcing the management of health and safety in your business does not negate your responsibility as an employer. Your organisation still requires a ‘Responsible Person‘ as stated in your company health and safety policy. Outsourcing your health and safety management gives you peace of mind that you are up to date, you have health and safety management systems in place and that you are seen to be doing everything possible to keep your workers safe.