The Importance of First Aid Training for the Workplace

First Aid training is one of the most important types of training that workers should learn and use, especially if they are working in a dangerous industry such as construction or manufacturing. According to the Health and Safety Regulations of 1981, employers need to make sure that they provide adequate first aid arrangements for all employees. In a low risk workplace, this usually involves having employees who are trained in first aid with an emergency first aid kit available. In more dangerous industries, you might need to have a dedicated first aider and more.

As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your first aiders receive the right training and that they have the necessary first aid skills to respond to an emergency. Having a first aider in the workplace who can respond to an accident immediately could be lifesaving. All first aid courses listed on our website are delivered by the British Red Cross.

When you book a first aid training course with Envico® the British Red Cross first aid advice and support continues after your course ends.

You Never Know When an Accident Might Occur

Accidents are hard to predict and they can happen at any time. One of your workers might fall off a ladder, get their hand caught in a saw or even have a heart attack or a seizure while eating lunch in the break room. It is important that your employees know how to respond in such an emergency situation so that the victim has the best chance of survival.

First aid can be anything from wrapping up a wound to stop bleeding, performing CPR or simply putting the victim in a recovery position and helping them to overcome shock. These immediate actions are very important and they help improve the chances of recovery and survival for the victim.