What is PUWER?

PUWER stands for the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. It is a set of regulations in the United Kingdom that aim to ensure the safe use of work equipment in the workplace. PUWER places duties on employers, the self-employed, and those who control work equipment to ensure that it is safe, suitable, and properly maintained. These regulations cover a wide range of equipment, including machinery, tools, appliances, and even vehicles used for work purposes. PUWER requires employers to assess the risks associated with work equipment, provide adequate training and instruction to employees, and ensure that equipment is maintained in a safe condition. Compliance with PUWER is essential for promoting workplace safety and preventing accidents and injuries.

PUWER Training

Discover the essential knowledge and skills needed to ensure workplace safety with our PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) courses. Designed to equip professionals across various industries with the expertise to assess, manage, and maintain work equipment effectively, these comprehensive training programs offer a deep dive into PUWER regulations, risk assessment techniques, and practical implementation strategies. Whether you’re a manager, engineer, or technician, the courses provide valuable insights to enhance workplace safety standards, minimise risks, and promote a culture of compliance. Empower yourself with the expertise to safeguard both personnel and equipment, ensuring a secure and productive working environment.

Available PUWER Courses