What is IWFM?

The IWFM (Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management) offers a variety of courses and qualifications related to facilities management, catering to individuals at different levels of experience and knowledge.

Who Are IWFM Courses Suitable For?

IWFM qualifications are particularly suitable for learners who wish to follow a programme of study directly related to their work experience or to an aspect of employment that they wish to move into. On successful completion of these qualifications, recognition by employers enables learners to progress into or within employment and/or continue their study in the vocational area.

What’s the Difference Between IWFM Awards, Certificates & Diplomas?

The main differences between the IWFM Awards, Certificates, and Diplomas are the level of depth and breadth of knowledge they cover, the amount of time required to complete them, and the level of experience they require.

IWFM Award

An IWFM Award is a short program that typically lasts a few days to a few weeks and is designed to provide an introduction or overview of a specific aspect of facilities management. Awards are ideal for individuals who are looking to gain basic knowledge or update their skills in a particular area.

IWFM Certificate

An IWFM Certificate is a more comprehensive program that typically takes several months to complete and covers a broad range of topics in facilities management. Certificates are designed for individuals who have some experience in facilities management or a related field and want to gain a recognised qualification in this area.

IWFM Diploma

An IWFM Diploma is the most comprehensive program offered by the IWFM and typically takes one to two years to complete. Diplomas cover a wide range of advanced topics in facilities management and are designed for experienced professionals who want to develop their skills and knowledge further and take on more strategic roles in their organisations.

Available IWFM Courses