If you have recently been awarded a job on a construction site, or in the civil engineering industry you will need to be given some training. Health and safety training is needed for anyone working in any industry, but the construction industry is such a high risk industry the training needs to be complete and delivered quickly. As an employer or a business owner your duty involves providing the right level of training in order to comply with the law.

Tutors Provide Training of the Highest Level

At the very lowest level of health and safety education there is the one day tutor led health and safety awareness course. This is ideal for anyone in the two industries to gains some excellent knowledge and skills that will help to complete a safe working environment for your whole workforce. Anyone attending the course will receive excellent training from a qualified professional. They will be able to give a clear understanding of what is expected of your employee when they are working for you.

In addition to working on their own skills your employees will learn what is expected from you. They will understand that any concerns concerning their safety and that of their colleagues can be raised with the owners or the appointed health and safety manager. Everyone on a construction site or in the civil engineering industry needs to be aware of the dangers, and if people stay quiet and don’t raise their concerns it can lead to potentially fatal accidents. Communication between everyone helps to reduce the risks.

Gain a Qualification

Everyone can gain from the one day course. The participants are required to sit a multiple choice assessment that will need to be passed in order to gain the certificate. Employees will achieve a recognised certificate which can be placed on their C.V. Employers obviously gain an employee with basic health and safety training, and can show that they are working towards complying with health and safety laws and regulations.

Choosing the right type of certificate and qualification is important. If you would like to find out more about health and safety training, call 0844 576 6750 for more information.