First Aid Training by the British Red Cross

All First Aid training courses listed on this site are delivered by the British Red Cross at their high quality training venues.

Safe Hands

When you book a first aid training course with Envico® the British Red Cross first aid advice and support continues after your course ends.

Types of Workplace First Aid Courses

There are various first aid training courses available to those who are employed and those who want to learn these important skills. The level of training you take is down to you. You can be sent on a course by your employer or enrol on one yourself. Sending yourself on the training is an excellent idea if you are looking to gain some advantage in your job hunt or for promotional purposes. There are four courses to choose from and two refresher/update courses. The one you choose will depend on your previous experience, your reason for taking the course and your personal preferences. If your employer has decided you need the training you will need to discuss the most appropriate option with them.

1-Day Emergency First Aid at Work

  • Emergency First Aid at Work – This is a course for appointed persons. Your employer can send you on this course if you have been given the role of appointed person at work. You can also send yourself on the course to add the excellent qualification and skills to your CV. The course only lasts for one day and includes basic life support and the assessment and treatment of a number of medical issues. This is a great course for appointed persons and it outlines the aims and principles of first aid.

3-Day First Aid at Work

  • First Aid at Work – This is another course you can enrol on or be sent on by your employer. It covers most types of illnesses and injuries. This is a three day course and gives more skills than the Emergency First Aid at Work course.

2-Day First Aid at Work Refresher

  • First Aid at Work Refresher – This course is designed for individuals who already hold an existing and valid First Aid at Work qualification. This first aid course should be attended prior to the expiry day of the existing First Aid at Work certificate otherwise you will be required to attend the full three day course again.
You can book a place on any of the above first aid training courses by visiting the links above. If you are still unsure which first aid course is suitable and you would like to speak to one of our representatives regarding your requirements please call 0844 5766750 to discuss.

Health & Safety Regulations 1981

The Health and Safety Regulations 1981 require employers to provide suitable equipment, facilities and personnel to enable immediate assistance to be given to employees if they are injured or become ill at work. The Regulations state that in order to provide first aid to injured or ill employees, a person shall not be suitable unless he has undergone:
  • such first aid training and has such qualifications as the Health and Safety Executive may approve for the time being in respect of that case or class of case
  • such additional training, if any, as may be appropriate in the circumstances of that case

More on Workplace First Aid Training

If you have identified that qualified first-aiders are needed in your workplace, they must have a valid certificate of competence in First Aid At Work (FAW) or Emergency First Aid At Work for Appointed Person (EFAW). FAW first aid courses enable a first-aider to give emergency aid to someone who is injured or becomes ill while at work. The workplace range of first aid courses includes the 1-day Emergency First Aid at Work Appointed Persons course – this is the minimum standard requirement – all organisations must have a minimum of one person educated to this level. The findings of an assessment of your workplace can help you decide whether your staff should be trained to the 3 day course or the 1 day Emergency First Aid at Work for Appointed person. Workplace First Aid at Work first aid courses involve at least 18 hours of training and are run over a minimum of three days. Organisations offering the course no longer need to be approved by HSE for this purpose. The Appointed Person course lasts for at least six hours and is run over a minimum of one day. 3 day and 1 day certificates last for three years. Before certificates expire, first-aiders will need to undertake an First Aid at Work Refresher course or an Emergency First Aid at Work for Appointed Persons course, as appropriate, to obtain another three-years certification. The Health and Safety Executive strongly recommends that first-aiders undertake annual refresher training, over half a day, during any three-year FAW / Emergency Aid for Appointed Person certification period. Although not mandatory, this will help qualified first-aiders maintain their basic skills and keep up to date with any changes to first-aid procedures.

Looking for First Aid E-learning?

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