Popular health and safety consultancy services

One of the most popular health and safety consultancy services is the Appointed Health and Safety Advisor Service designed to meet client needs. Many organisations can not justify employing their own professional health and safety staff to guide them through the maze of HSE legislation. Others do have these personnel, however they find that some projects are too time consuming or require the input of a specialist external health and safety advisor or consultant.

Health and safety legislation

Health and Safety legislation requires each employer to appoint one or more competent person to assist in health and safety management. The Appointed Health and Safety Advisor Service is a resource to be called upon, as and when required, and you are entitled to designate the Advisor as a “competent person”. The concept of Appointed Health and Safety Advisor Service was devised in response to the needs of employers. It provides ongoing support for those who do not employ a health and safety professional, or is used as a back-up by those employers who already have existing in-house expertise. Each contract is usually for an initial period i.e. one or two years, with a number of days for health and safety consultancy or training built in. An important benefit is access to unlimited telephone advice and support during the life of the contract. The cost of the a basic health and safety advisor service package would typically include an agreed number of days of consultants time each year, and can be expanded to cover as many days as you require.

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