What NVQ Customer Service?

NVQ (National Vocational Qualification) in Customer Service is a qualification designed to assess and recognise the skills and knowledge of individuals who work in customer service roles. This qualification is widely recognised in the UK and is suitable for people working in a variety of customer-facing roles across different sectors.

What Does NVQ Customer Service Course Cover?

The NVQ in Customer Service covers a wide range of topics related to customer service, including understanding customer needs, communicating effectively with customers, managing customer expectations, resolving customer complaints, and working in a team. The qualification is assessed through on-the-job training and assessments, where candidates must demonstrate their ability to carry out tasks and responsibilities that are relevant to their role.

NVQ Levels

The NVQ in Customer Service is offered at different levels, ranging from level 1 (entry-level) to level 4 (advanced). The level of the qualification depends on the complexity of the tasks and responsibilities involved in the candidates role. The higher the level, the more advanced the knowledge and skills required to complete the qualification.

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Available NVQ Customer Service Qualifications