Face to face tuition is a preferred method of learning for many employers. When a tutor is called in to teach individuals, employers know that they will be focused on learning and therefore can complete excellent courses in a short period of time. The IOSH Managing Safely training is one of the courses available in a classroom setting and via distance learning too, so if you are an employer looking for a face to face tuition option this is an excellent course to choose.

Why Face to Face Works Better for Some

There are many individuals who enjoy having the freedom to learn at their own pace. It allows them to continue working as usual whilst taking a little more time in gaining a qualification. However, some employers need their team to be suitably trained in health and safety quickly. It allows them to work to a high standard and avoid making potentially costly mistakes which are difficult to set straight.

The training can be completed in as little as four or five days. The tutor will hold the training at a local learning centre or you can ask them to come to your premises if you have five or more individuals who need to receive the training. Managers benefit by taking the course as it covers a lot of information and the certificate can be used as proof of their skills.

If you would like to organise a place for your employees on a face to face IOSH Managing Safely course you can do so online or call us on 0844 567 6750.