Basic health and safety training isn’t enough for your key personnel. If you have people that are responsible for managing the health and safety of your office or business they have to be competent. The skills that are learnt on training courses will ensure they are able to do their job and carry out their responsibilities. As an employer this is good news as it could help to save you money.

Accidents and incidents cost you money. You may have to pay sick pay, lose out on work due to absences, pay for temporary cover, pay compensation, intervention fees and even fines and court costs if you are found to be breaching the health and safety legislation. Finding a suitable training course is therefore essential and the cost is comparatively small especially when compared with how expensive accidents can be.

Safety Management Training is Required

The IOSH Managing Safely course that provides the delegate with an excellent qualification. The course lasts for four or five days and there is an practical examination at the end of the training.

During the training the delegates learn multiple skills including:

  • Spotting hazards found in the workplace
  • Producing and recording risk assessments
  • Recommending control measures as a result of the risk assessments
  • Providing management practices and principles as part of a management strategy
  • Planning, creating and implementing actions to meet health and safety objectives
  • Recognising and accounting for the risks from ergonomic factors
  • Investigating accidents and incidents which resulted in damage or injury to discover the causes and to ensure the appropriate steps are taken.

It is possible to join a course quickly as the training takes place all year round in classrooms throughout the UK, alternatively the training can be attended online in the form of e-learning. If you would like to sign up your personnel for the training course you can do so either online or by giving us a call. If you book a place outside of usual office hours you will need to wait for the next working day for the request to be processed. If you are not sure if the course is suitable for your employees feel free to contact us for help and advice.

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