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What is IATP Asbestos Awareness Training?

The objective of the IATP Asbestos Awareness training course is to make trainees aware of the dangers of asbestos and what to do if they accidentally come into contact with asbestos.

This online IATP Asbestos Awareness course helps meet the legal requirements under the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 which requires businesses and their employers to provide vital training to their staff. Adequate awareness training helps meet industry standards and meet compliance.

About IATP Asbestos Awareness

Our IATP Asbestos Awareness training course is designed for anyone who might come into contact with asbestos during their normal work activities.
The key purpose of this course is to provide adequate knowledge, skill and competence to the trainees to work safely on the work premises.

Why Is IATP Asbestos Awareness Important?

Asbestos can be found in any building built before 2000 and causes around 5000 deaths annually. The Control of Asbestos Regulation 2012 requires anyone likely to be exposed to or disturb asbestos at work to undertake asbestos training.
Employers and their staff must be able to identify asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) and have practical measures in place to protect themselves and others.
And adequate IATP asbestos training is ideal to train, equip and educate the staff to work competently.

Why Choose IATP Asbestos Awareness Training?

  • Study any time & in bite-size sessions
  • Less costly than a classroom training
  • Excellent trainee support
  • Ensures compliance with the relative Control of Asbestos Legislation
  • Enhances safety culture within the whole organisation

What’s Included in the IATP Asbestos Awareness Course?

  • Comprehensive yet concise explanation
  • Certificate on completion
  • Simple login & user access
  • The latest industry best practice

Delivery Method

Online / E-learning

Course Duration

4 Hours

Learning Outcomes

  • Identify the types & uses of asbestos
  • Identify the health risks of asbestos fibres
  • Identify the roles & responsibilities of both employers & employees
  • Analyse the pre-work assessment
  • Identify the emergency procedures in case of disturbing asbestos-containing materials (ACMs)

Course Content

This online IATP Asbestos Awareness course contains the following sections:

Module 1 – Uses of Asbestos & Likely Locations of ACMs

What Is Asbestos?
The History of Asbestos
Types of Asbestos

Module 2 – The Risks of Asbestos

Uses of Asbestos
Where You Might Find Asbestos

Module 3 – Entry Routes & Health Effects

How Asbestos Affects Your Health
Risks of Asbestos Fibre Release
Who Is at Risk?

Module 4 – Asbestos Legislation

Asbestos-related Legislation
Role and Responsibilities
Asbestos Surveys

Module 5 – Emergency Procedures

Pre-work Assessment
Emergency Procedures – What to Do if You Accidentally Disturb ACMs


At the end of the online IATP Asbestos Awareness course, users must complete an end of course assessment before earning their certification.

The end of course test is:

  • 100% online
  • Multiple choice
  • A score of 80% is required to pass the test.


The downloadable printable certificate is approved by IATP and will be issued instantly on course completion.

The IATP Asbestos Awareness training certificate includes the trainee’s name, company name, course name, date of completion, expiry date and the name of the approval body.

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