A Crucial Requirement for Your Workplace

The Construction Design and Management Regulations were developed in order to make it easier for those involved in construction projects to comply with their health and safety duties. These regulations are aimed at increasing the safety levels in the workplace and improving communication between those who are co-ordinating health and safety. The regulations apply to a wide range of industries, from engineering to building to demolition and much more. The overall effect of this is to reduce the number of serious (or potentially fatal) accidents that occur every year in the construction industry. According to the Health and Safety Executive, these regulations will encourage management and planning, rather than paperwork, in order to create a safe workplace. The intention was to discourage an abundance of unnecessary bureaucracy, so that efforts could be targeted where they would do the most good, when it comes to health and safety.

The CDM Regulations outline the duties and responsibilities of those who are able to contribute to the health and safety of the project itself. The duties of everyone involved, including clients, contractors and designers, are clearly outlined. The CDM Coordinator is the person who oversees it all, with a more authoritative role. Their job is to assign the right people for the job, at the correct time, in order to manage health and safety risks in the most effective way possible. These regulations will apply all throughout the length of the project, from the very first planning steps to the eventual removal and demolition of the building.

The Value of CDM Training for Your Business

It is important to make sure that your staff is correctly trained in the appropriate CDM Regulations, so that they can ensure a safe working environment. When your staff are fully trained and are able to monitor CDM regulations, CDM safety can become part of the everyday operations of the business. In order to provide your staff with the right training, you might want to enlist the help of a project management and training company. Such a company will provide a lot of valuable learning opportunities for your employees, including team building events, training sessions and even CDM mentoring for your inexperienced staff. With the help of the right training company, you can improve the knowledge and skills of your staff and equip them with what they need to know to complete their job safely and correctly.

Steps to Ensuring That Your Business is CDM Compliant

In order to ensure that your business meets the CDM regulations, it is highly recommended to have a CDM audit carried out by a third party. Having a CDM compliance audit will provide you with a non-biased third party perspective, which will help your company to assess weaknesses and strengths. How does the CDM audit work? The first step is to gather information about the business and the workplace, which will then be evaluated and put together into a professional report. This report will make a note of any changes or alterations that are required in relation to CDM regulations. Also, the project management company will be able to offer guidance when it comes to measures for implementing these changes. Another important step is to consult a specialist CDM training firm, who can provide your staff with the correct training and give them a thorough understanding of the regulations and how to comply with them. Advantages of Specialist CDM Training When you want to make sure that everyone in your workplace is adequately trained and aware of the CDM regulations, you can hire the help of a specialist CDM training firm. These instructors specialise in CDM training and they will be able to conduct workshops, training sessions and other learning opportunities for your staff. What are some of the major advantages to working with CDM training specialists?

  • The training company will be able to work alongside your project leaders, or independently – depending on what is best for your business.
  • They will be able to offer advice on budgets, resource control and much more.
  • With an un-biased outside perspective, they will be able to spot flaws in processes and areas for improvement that you have probably missed.
  • Professional CDM training experts are familiar with the CDM regulations in a very in-depth way. They will have up to date knowledge, so that you can ensure that you are following current regulations.
  • You will be able to choose the course style that suits the needs of your particular business, whether that is face to face training or e-learning packages. These courses can be delivered at a designated training centre or at your business premises.

What Does CDM Training Include?

CDM training courses are designed to provide participants with all of the knowledge they need to make sure that working conditions are safe before the project begins. Once an employee has completed one of these courses, they will have gained an in-depth understanding of the Construction Design and Management Regulations. The regulations will also offer guidance on designing and planning as well as the roles and responsibilities which are encompassed within the CDM regulations. When an employee or a manager has completed CDM training, what learning outcomes will they have achieved? Here are some of the important points that CDM training includes:

  • An understanding of the consequences associate with not correctly managing health and safety within the construction workplace.
  • Recognition of the importance of planning and designing in order to ensure safety and health within construction projects.
  • The ability to advise workers on their responsibilities as they pertain to the CDM Regulations.
  • A comprehension of the legal requirements that are officially outlined within the Construction Design and Management regulations.
  • Knowledge of how to complete the correct documentation.

These are just a few of the important components of CDM training that your employees will learn when they are undergoing training. To find out more about CDM training, feel free to visit our website or contact us today.

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