One way to help prevent being prosecuted by the HSE is to ensure all of your workers have received health and safety training. Even small sized businesses and the self employed that contract additional help have to give training to their workers to help reduce the risks.

Benefit from Health and Safety Training

Everyone can benefit from such action. The employees gain education on how to keep themselves safe and work for the greater good of everyone as well as gaining an additional qualification. Employers have the advantage of showing compliance with legislation, reducing the risks to their staff whether full time, part time, permanent or temporary. The business owners also benefit from lowering the chances of financial problems that come with sick and injured employees. More importantly as an employer you know you are working within your morals to help keep those that work for you safe and healthy while at work.

CCNSG and CITB Safety Training – Affordable and Valuable

If you’re taking on a new member of staff it’s vital to ensure they have adequate training. Ask to see what qualifications they have already earned such as the CCNSG Safety Passport. You should also check to see if any of their current qualifications are coming to an end as many require the candidate to take a refresher to avoid the certificate from becoming fully invalid.

If they require additional training to bring them up to scratch there are many excellent courses to consider. The CITB 1 Day Health and Safety Awareness course is ideal for those that have no responsibilities on site. Labourers, extra hands and new trainees can greatly benefit from the basic safety skills that are taught in a relaxed and friendly classroom environment.

Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme

If the one day health and safety awareness training is too basic, or you would like to continue their training the next step is to consider the SSSTS course. You can find out all the details about both of these options by calling our team on 0844 576 6750. Educate and train all of your employees and reduce the risk of being prosecuted for failing to ensure their safety.