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What is SSSTS Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme Course by CITB?

The two-day CITB SSSTS course is a Site Safety Plus accredited Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme for construction site supervisors. This supervising safely qualification is a requirement set out by Build UK (previously known as UKCG) for all supervisors who will be working on their sites. The SSSTS is endorsed as the standard training for all supervisors working on Build UK sites.

Construction skills and construction safety need to go hand in hand and made a priority to encourage improved work skills and reduced accidents and injuries. Not only is SSSTS training a must put in place by Build UK, it is also ideal if you’re looking to take on a supervisory role within the construction industry and to increase your understanding of health and safety.

citb sssts course - site supervisor safety training scheme

SSSTS Training is Designed for First Line Managers

CITB SSSTS training is designed for first line managers looking to continue or take on a supervisory role within the construction industry. The courses are often attended by construction workers and team leaders with supervisory responsibilities and therefore legal responsibilities.


The classroom SSSTS course takes place over 2-days and teaches the health and safety skills needed to maintain a safe site. This qualification must not be confused with the SMSTS (Site Management Safety Training Scheme) as the site management scheme is a more senior qualification with a duration of five-days.

SSSTS Course Content

The SSSTS course content focuses on the importance of risk assessments in construction sectors. It also focus on how to implement control measures on site and how to use communication to ensure a site will remain safe for everyone. The CITB supervisor course content works on monitoring the control measures and making sure that the work is carried out correctly and follows the advice and guides set out in the risk assessments.

The topics which are covered include:

  • The Health and Safety at Work Act, Regulations and the Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes
  • The H&S Legal System
  • Causes, types and the numbers of construction accidents
  • Risk Assessments in all manner of construction circumstances such as:, working at height, demolition, occupational health, fire, electricity, confined spaces and the control of contractors

The SSSTS course provides you with the skills required to identify problem areas found within construction industries. It will help you to understand and appreciate proactive and reactive monitoring. It teaches you how to conduct risk assessments and recognise the importance of method statements. How to have an understanding of the way the health and safety laws are structured. Finally, you’ll learn the skills needed to perform on-site inductions, method statement briefs and conduct toolbox talks.

How is the SSSTS Training Assessed?

The assessment of SSSTS training is continuous throughout via individual and group exercises. Testing of the knowledge learned during the two days is in the form of a multiple choice CITB examination paper consisting of 25 questions. Four of the questions will be safety critical and will require a short written answer.

Safety Critical Questions & Multiple Choice

Safety critical questions are worth 1-3 points each and multiple choice questions are worth 1 point each.

To pass the course successfully you will be required to answer all of the safety critical questions correctly. To pass the exam you’ll need a score of 80% (24 out of 30).

CITB SSSTS Certification

If you attend the Site Supervision Safety Training Scheme and successfully complete you’ll receive a CITB certificate to prove that you’re able to help supervise in construction environments and have understanding when it comes to workplace safety.

Renew Your Certificate Every 5 Years

The site supervisor certificate expires after 5 years. If you would like to renew your current CITB SSSTS certificate you will be required to attend a SSSTS Refresher course, however if your current certificate has expired you won’t be allowed to attend the refresher, you will be required to attend the full 2-day course again.

CITB Site Safety Plus Publication / Workbooks

All CITB SSSTS courses on our website include access to Construction Skills publications. Delegates are usually given the option of taking away training materials in the following formats

  • hard copy workbooks
  • CD
  • access to a materials online
Confirmation will be provided via the joining instructions issued following receipt of full payment. Please check at the time of booking as to whether or not current hard copy publications are included in the cost.

CITB Levy Payers

To allow for the automated process of claiming back your grant, please ensure that you take the Levy Number and enter it on the relevant section of the course paperwork. Retrospective grant claims may not be accepted.

Other Information

  • You must have a good understanding of written and spoken English. Translators are not permitted to attend.
  • If you need to re-sit the exam must do so within 90 days of the original course date at an additional charge.
  • You will need Photographic I.D, such as a copy of your passport or driving licence.
  • Written parental consent is required if you are under 18 years of age.
  • Failure to provide the above on the first day of the training is likely to result in you not being allowed to attend or complete the qualification.

Further Study

Successful candidates can go on to complete the 5-day SMSTS (site management safety training scheme). The training is designed for site managers and supervisors. Alternatively, you may consider progressing onto the NVQ Level 4 Construction Site Supervision.

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Online (Instructor-Led) Learning Format

The SSSTS course is available online using a live instructor. The online training is designed to maintain a level of training in the industry for existing construction site supervisors, ensuring a continued understanding of legislative changes and their impact on the workplace. The scheme rules have been implemented by the CITB as a result of extraordinary circumstances impacting the regular provision of classroom training to the construction industry.

smsts online training coursePrior to the COVID-19 pandemic most CITB courses were offered only in a traditional classroom setting due to quality standards and the strict examination conditions required. Recent events have forced major examination bodies and institutions to enable virtual/online studying during lockdown periods and beyond, this ensures health and safety knowledge and qualifications are kept up to date. Subsequently the online course is now be studied remotely using video technology.

Online Training Using Video Technology

It is permitted to deliver the training online via video technology solution using a live instructor/tutor. The online course follows the same curriculum as the classroom course and delivers the same standard of training meeting all scheme rules.

What’s different about the online course?

  • Minimum delegate numbers for the online course will be reduced to two.
  • To manage the remote training effectively, the maximum number of delegates allowed to attend will be reduced to ten.
  • To obtain site supervisor certification you must pass the relevant CITB examination.
  • An alternative exam method will be in place.
  • Identification will be checked prior to the exam commencing.
  • During the examination, the trainer will invigilate a maximum of 5 delegates.
  • You must show the invigilator that you are alone in the room and you must be visible via the video at all times.

What remains the same?

  • The course duration is 2-days, however, due to the delivery by online learning the course may be split and completed over more than two days plus examination time.
  • Delegates are required to attend and complete the full course duration to be eligible for certification.
  • Attendees will need to show understanding of the main elements and pass the core exercises.
  • You must not use any reference material until the last 10 minutes of the exam, which is the open book session.
  • Passing the exam will qualify the individual for the CITB certificate in construction site supervising which is then valid for five years.
  • To obtain site supervisor certification you must pass the relevant CITB examination.