CITB SSSTS (Classroom)

Safety Training for Site Supervisors

The CITB SSSTS training course is an accredited site supervisors safety training scheme for the construction site supervisor.

The supervisors safety training scheme is now a requirement set out by the major contractors group for all supervisors who will be working on their sites. Construction skills and health and safety need to go hand in hand and made a priority to encourage improved work skills and reduced accidents and injuries.  Not only is the training a must put in place by the MCG, it is also ideal for anyone looking to take on a supervisory role within the construction industry.

What is the Purpose of the Course?

On the 2 day course the main focus will be on the importance of risk assessments in the construction industry. There is a focus on how to implement control measures on site and how to use communication to ensure the site remains safe for everyone. Finally the SSSTS courses work on monitoring the control measures and work making sure that the work is carried out correctly and follows the advice and guides set out in the risk assessments.

Delegates attending CITB site supervisor safety scheme courses and who successfully complete will receive a certificate to show that they are able to help supervise in the construction industry and have understanding when it comes to health and safety in the work place. During the course the main topics of the syllabus are:

  • The Health and Safety Acts, Regulations and the Approved Codes of Practice and Guidance Notes
  • The Health and Safety Legal System
  • Causes, types and the numbers of construction accidents
  • Risk Assessments in all manner of construction circumstances such as:, working at height, demolition, occupational health, fire, electricity, confined spaces and the control of contractors

Objectives Taught Over Two Days

The concise SSSTS courses will provide you with the skills to:

  • Identify problem areas found in the construction industry
  • Understand and appreciate proactive and reactive monitoring
  • Perform risk assessments and recognise the importance of method statements
  • Have an understanding of the way the health and safety laws are structured
  • Learn the skills needed to perform on site inductions, method statement briefs and toolbox talk

Courses at a Glance

The CITB course is designed for first line mangers looking to continue or take on a supervisory role within the construction industry. The course takes place over two days and will teach health and safety skills needed to maintain a safe site.

A thirty minute multiple choice examination will follow the training. Upon successful completion of the SSSTS training the candidate will be awarded with the CITB Site Supervisory Safety Training Certificate.

Further Development

Successful candidates can go on to complete the 5 day site managers safety training scheme (SMSTS) course designed for site managers and supervisors. Alternatively individuals who would like to renew their current certificate are required to attend the one day SSSTS Refresher, however if your current certificate has expired you will not be allowed to attend the refresher course, you will be required to attend the full two day course again.



What About the Assessment and Testing?

Assessment is continuous throughout the site supervisor safety training via individual and group exercises. Testing of the knowledge learned during the two days is in the form of a multiple choice examination at the end of the second day.