Fire Safety Training

A great way to prepare and reduce the risks of a fire in your workplace is to attend a suitable fire safety training course. The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is an excellent option for managers, supervisors and personnel with a level of responsibility within an organisation. This is a course that is suited for anyone that has already undertaken the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety and who is looking to increase their skills and worth within the company. Anyone that has duties in fire safety will benefit from the training and be able to contribute to managing the fire risks that are always present.

During the NEBOSH Fire Certificate course the candidates will be taught about the legal framework that relates to fire and health and safety. The course also looks into how fires are investigated in a workplace and what the purpose of those investigations is. There are also other topics that are covered over three modules and these include:

  • Understanding how fires are spread and how they can start
  • Outlining the principles behind explosions
  • Learning to identify what the causes of fires and explosions are
  • Outlining the control measures used to reduce the risks

Candidates will also be given the skills they need to be able to give advice on how to prevent fires from spreading and the use of fire protection. The training also covers teaching candidates how to create and maintain an adequate fire evacuation procedure and how to conduct fire risk assessments.

All these skills are invaluable to businesses. Fire risk assessments are required by law and you must be able to show how you are putting in place and monitoring your fire safety procedures. Any of your employees that undertake the training will become a valuable asset helping to keep you and your employees and premises safe from fire and reducing the risks of prosecution for breaching legislation.

One of the assessments that are given to all candidates is the on-site assessment. This takes place on the last day of training and is completed at your premises. Many employers benefit from the assessment alone.

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