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What is the NEBOSH Fire Certificate?

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate course aims to equip holders to contribute to the conduct and review of fire risk assessments and fire preventative and protective measures within most workplaces. The NEBOSH Fire Certificate is equivalent to an A-Level or UK college level qualification.

Holders of the NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management are entitled to:

Associate Membership (AIOSH)

  • Associate Membership (AIOSH) of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). The qualification also meets the academic requirements for Technician Membership (Tech IOSH) of IOSH.

Associate Membership (AIIRSM)

  • Associate Membership (AIIRSM) of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).

Technician Membership (TIFPO)

  • Technician Membership (TIFPO) of the Institute of Fire Prevention Officers (IFPO) and the qualification meets the academic requirements for Associate Membership (AMIFPO). Holders with the relevant skills and experience may also apply to join the IFPO Fire Risk Assessors Register.

Who is the NEBOSH Fire Certificate Course Suitable For?

The NEBOSH fire risk assessor course is suitable for personnel who have responsibilities for fire safety at a low to medium risk workplace such as an office, this includes Health & Safety Managers, H&S Representatives and Facilities Managers. It is also suitable for individuals who wish to pursue a career in fire safety e.g. fire safety adviser.

As of March 2021 there is no longer a requirement to attend the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (NGC) as a prerequisite to completing the NEBOSH Fire Certificate, although the NEBOSH General Certificate would be required for anyone seeking a role in health and safety.

What’s Included in the NEBOSH Fire Certificate Course?

Course Content

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate course programme includes:

  • Health and safety management
  • Managing fire safety
  • Principles of fire and explosion
  • Causes and prevention of fires
  • Fire protection in buildings
  • Safety of people in the event of a fire
  • Fire safety risk assessment

Unit FSC1 – Open Book Exam

Unit FSC1 is an open book examination which is not invigilated. You will be free to use any learning resources to which you have access, for example your course notes, or websites. You will not expected to write more than 3000 words in total. It is best to try to distribute your time and word count proportionately across all tasks. You must also attempt all tasks.

Unit FSC2 – Fire Risk Assessment

The NEBOSH Fire Risk Assessment requires you to apply what you have learnt in your studies of
the whole course syllabus. To do this, you will need to complete a fire risk assessment (FRA) of your workplace. The stages of the fire risk assessment are as follows:

  • General information
  • Fire safety audit
  • Summary and action plan
  • Review

An assessment pack has been produced for you to provide you with everything that you will need to complete the fire risk assessment.


Most NEBOSH Fire Certificate courses on our website exclude NEBOSH exam fees, however some may be include – this is usually represented by the price, however if you would like confirmation before booking please feel free to call us on 0808 1966 830. Exams can be booked when you have completed your studies and are ready.

Upon completion of both course units and successfully passing the unit exams you will be issued with an industry recognised NEBOSH fire risk assessment certificate.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the management of health and safety
  • Manage fire safety protocols in their workplace
  • Understand the principles of fires and explosions
  • Identify the causes and preventions of fires and explosions
  • Identify and implement fire prevention and protection in buildings
  • Manage the safety of people in the event of a fire
  • Conduct a fire safety risk assessment
  • Promote a fire safety culture

Course Duration

4 days

NEBOSH Fire Certificate Courses Near You

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Further Studying

Many who pass their NEBOSH National Certificate in Fire Safety and Risk Management go on to take another qualification, such as the NEBOSH General Certificate or the NEBOSH Construction Certificate, To progress further, we suggest moving on to a NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety qualification.

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NEBOSH Fire Certificate Online (Instructor-Led)

Course Features

  • Scheduled and delivered online using a live instructor
  • 4-day duration
  • Available anywhere
  • study at home/work
  • Tutor support & resources

Online Training Using Video Technology

Due to extraordinary circumstances impacting the regular provision of health and safety training, it is permitted to deliver the NEBOSH Fire Certificate course online/remotely via video technology solution using a real live instructor. The training follows the same curriculum as the original in person (classroom) version of the NEBOSH Fire Certificate and delivers the same standard of training meeting all examination body rules.

Course Dates and Fees

View all virtual NEBOSH Fire Certificate online course dates and fees.

What’s Different About the NEBOSH Fire Certificate Online Course?

  • Minimum delegate numbers for the course have been reduced.
  • To manage the remote online training effectively, the maximum number of delegates allowed has also be reduced.
  • I.D may be checked prior to the examination commencing.
  • You must show the invigilator that you are alone in the room and you must be visible via the video at all times.

What Remains the Same?

  • NEBOSH fire risk assessments are marked by external examiners, appointed by NEBOSH.
  • To obtain the NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety certificate you must complete and pass both the FSC1 and FSC2 unit examinations.
  • If you are successful in passing one unit you will be awarded a NEBOSH certificate for the unit passed.
  • If you are successful in completing both units will be given the overall qualification parchment (NEBOSH Certificate in Fire Safety).
  • It is recommended that you have previously attended, passed and hold a current NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety qualification, however this is not a pre-requisite.

Study the NEBOSH Fire Certificate Online

Course Features

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate e-learning course follows the same curriculum as the original in person classroom course, however this e-learning study format offers you the following features:

  • Mobile-friendly, innovative, interactive online study including videos, animations, quizzes, tests and reviews of your progress
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Around 120 hours of study + exams (can be completed in 3-9 months)
  • Available 24/7 worldwide
  • Ideal for those whose lifestyle needs a really flexible high quality learning method
  • Unlimited tutor support by a team of expert tutors

Courses and Fees

View all NEBOSH Fire Certificate e-learning courses and fees.