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NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety

The NEBOSH General Certificate course is a widely recognised qualification for general safety responsibilities. This nationally recognised occupational health and safety certificate for managers is extremely well recognised and sought after by employers in the United Kingdom. The training and qualification gives employers peace-of-mind that they have a competent person in place to manage workplace safety on a daily basis.

This NEBOSH certificate in occupational health and safety is suitable for personnel e.g. managers, supervisors, non-safety specialists etc with health and safety responsibilities and who need a grounding and recognised qualification in occupational health and safety.

NEBOSH General Certificate Course Content

Delegates who attend this classroom version of the NEBOSH General Certificate course will learn to:

  • Understand the legal framework, moral and economic requirements and implications for good standards in safety and health within an organisation.
  • Develop, promote and communicate an effective safety culture in an organisation.
  • Identify the key features of a health and safety policy, the preparations and performance review of a health & safety audit.
  • Understand the importance of proactive and reactive health and safety monitoring measures.
  • Identify hazards in the workplace and how to conduct a risk assessment, record findings and review procedures.
  • Advise on strategies for controlling hazards, reducing risks and applying safe systems of work.
  • Identify fire hazards and consequential risks, advise on measures to minimise fire risks and develop fire procedures.
  • Identify ill health effects of physical processes of work and the environment and recommend suitable measures to combat risks.
  • Explain the processes and procedures for investigating and reporting accidents at work.

How is the NEBOSH Training Assessed?

This NEBOSH training is a career-enhancing qualification and combines activities, learning and interactive materials, creating an engaging experience. It provides knowledge you can put into action immediately, adding value to your organisation.

The updated NEBOSH National General Certificate course now consists of two assessments:

Unit NG1

Assessed by a scenario based assessment completed at home. You have 24 hours to complete this. The NG1 exam is undertaken at home in what is called an “Open Book” exam. Exam papers will be sent at a notified time and you will then have 24 hours to complete and return them. The exam should only take a few hours to complete and the 24 hours is to meet the needs of all learners in different time zones around the world. The exam itself comprises scenario based questions, where you will be given a set scenario(s) and asked questions which test the knowledge you would have gained studying the course. You will be able to access books, but must document all the sources you reference. This is extremely important as NEBOSH will be using software to check that answers are not just copied from textbooks.

Unit NG2

Assessed by a three hour practical assessment carried out in your workplace (or another suitable workplace)

Both assessments are marked by external examiners, appointed by the National Examination Board for Occupational Safety & Health (NEBOSH) and chosen for their experience and expertise.

If you are thinking about undertaking the NEBOSH General Certificate course we recommend that you research the qualification prior to booking and paying for your course. The training is in-depth and requires your time, effort and willingness to successfully complete the course.

NEBOSH Certificate

If candidates are successful in passing one or more units they will be awarded a NEBOSH certificate for each unit passed. Candidates who are successful in completing all three units will be given the overall qualification parchment (NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety).

Prior Learning

It is recommended that delegates have previously attended, passed and hold a current IOSH Managing Safely qualification, however please note that this is not a pre-requisite.

What else do you need to consider?

  • is the training provider accredited to deliver the qualification?
  • how often does the NEBOSH training provider cancel scheduled courses?
  • what have other customers said?
  • is the training delivered at a suitable venue and location?
  • are the NEBOSH course fees competitive?
  • what’s included in the price?

Tips on how to get value for money!

NEBOSH training can be expensive and although the cost of a NEBOSH General Certificate course should be factored into your decision-making, the overall package and quality of the training and provider should be considered. Like everything else, course fees and the quality of the training may vary depending on which training provider and instructor deliver.

It’s important to note that high quality health and safety training saves lives. It’s wise to consider the quality factors in addition to the cost of your training course.

Other health and safety courses which may be of interest

The below occupational and site safety courses are aimed at supervisors and managers and may be of interest. These provide an introduction to risk assessment training and health and safety management.

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NEBOSH National General Certificate Online

Due to extraordinary circumstances impacting the regular provision of health and safety training the NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety course can now be studied online in virtual learning format. This NEBOSH National General Certificate involves studying online in virtual learning format.

Online Training Using Video Technology

It is permitted to deliver the course remotely via video technology solution using a real live instructor/tutor. The online training follows the same curriculum as the traditional classroom version of the course and delivers the same standard of training meeting all examination body rules.

What’s different about the NEBOSH General Certificate online course?

  1. Minimum delegate numbers for the course may be reduced.
  2. To manage remote online training effectively, the maximum number of delegates allowed may also be reduced.
  3. I.D may be checked prior to the examination commencing.
  4. Each delegate must show the invigilator that they are alone in the room and must be visible via the video at all times.

What remains the same?

  1. Unit NG1 – examined by a formal two-hour written exam.
  2. Unit NG2 – a practical risk assessment, carried out at your workplace, to assess your ability to apply that knowledge. This is longer than the previous GC3 assessment.
  3. Both assessments are marked by external examiners, appointed by NEBOSH.
  4. To obtain NEBOSH certification delegates must complete and pass the examinations.
  5. If candidates are successful in passing one or more units they will be awarded a NEBOSH certificate for each unit passed.
  6. Candidates who are successful in completing all units will be given the overall qualification parchment (NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety).
  7. It is recommended that delegates have previously attended, passed and hold a current IOSH Managing Safely qualification, however please note that it is not a pre-requisite to attend.

NEBOSH National General Certificate E-learning

The NEBOSH National General Certificate e-learning course provides you with a flexible and easily accessible training solution. You choose the time, place and pace of learning. You take control of your learning programme using the multimedia to fit your learning style.

What’s different about NEBOSH General Certificate E-learning?

The e-learning course is deployed via VLS (Virtual Learning System). The course materials will be supplemented by relevant multimedia, by interactions, by forums and by support staff. The materials will also include relevant and timely quizzes to provide you with and allow you to monitor your progress.

At various stages and more formally at the end of each module, you can complete a series of questions to demonstrate your competence. At the end of each module, your knowledge and understanding can be formally assessed using a series of multiple choice assessments. Questions can be randomly generated to provide greater assurance.

E-learning multimedia features

Delegates are provided with access to a wide range of attractive e-learning tools. Each module clearly defines its learning outcomes and you are able to move around the course at your choice rather than being restricted to page by page viewing. The diverse multimedia content will develop your knowledge and understanding of the syllabus and will help you pass the exam.

  1. Video with video tutor and audio clips
  2. Diagrams with “mouse over” explanations
  3. Webcasts
  4. Large library of photos
  5. Interactive quizzes and tests with relevant feedback
  6. Bank of official past exam questions and answers
  7. Web links to relevant authoritative websites
  8. Grade book to record your progress: scores on tests
  9. Comprehensive glossary of useful terms
  10. Collaborative tools to discuss topics with delegates: forums, blogs email

What remains the same?

  1. The course content remains the same.
  2. The e-learning version of the course follows the same examination and assessment rules as the classroom course.
  3. Unit NG1 is assessed by a scenario based assessment completed at home (“open book” exam).
  4. Unit NG2 is assessed by a three hour practical assessment carried out in your workplace (or another suitable workplace).
  5. NEBOSH certification remains the same.


NEBOSH National General Certificate Distance Learning

This version of the NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety is studied via Distance Learning. You will be provided with course materials which will also include study/revision/exam advice, support details and your study planner.

Support is offered by expert health and safety tutors, whom you can contact by telephone or email. You will also have access to a Facebook group specifically for distance learning students, where you can discuss any aspects of your studies with tutors and other students.

You can enrol at any time. The distance learning course can be studied in your own time, with total flexibility around your available hours.

Recommended Study Hours

108 hours

What’s different about the distance learning course?

The distance learning course is studied at home using course materials which are sent directly to you at your home or workplace. The distance learning course is different to e-learning in that you work from materials and not via online access to a learning management system (LMS or VLS). Distance learning also different to traditional classroom learning in that you will not be tied to a set time schedule and you will not be studying in a classroom.

What remains the same?

  1. Course content.
  2. NEBOSH certification.
  3. NEBOSH examinations (more on this below).

Open Book Exam

An open book exam assesses the same learning outcomes as an invigilated, paper-based exam. However, in an open book exam, you can use textbooks, course notes and the internet.

You can complete the assessment in your own home, or another suitable location. You will have up to 24 hours to complete the NEBOSH open book exam, but we find that most candidates only take 4-5 hours.

The open book exam will test your analytical and critical skills, focussing on the knowledge gained during the course.

Closing Interview

After completing the open book exam, you will be asked to participate in a 15-minute closing interview. The purpose of the interview is to confirm that the work you have submitted is your own, and that you did not have any assistance in completing your NEBOSH assessment.

The closing interview takes place via video call, which you can access via smartphone, tablet or computer.

The interviewer will ask to see your identification. As such, you need to provide either your passport, driving license or national identity card. The interviewer must also see the room that you are in to ensure you don’t have access to notes. They will then ask you questions based on your open book exam, work and submission.

Your closing interview is not an assessment, so you won’t receive a mark. If the interviewer is happy that the work is your own, a mark will be published in line with NEBOSH timeframes.

External examiners mark all assessments and are appointed by NEBOSH. Each examiner is chosen for their experience and expertise, ensuring candidates are assessed by the best in our industry.

This qualification is accredited by the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), as well as the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM).

When studying via  distance learning you don’t pay for your exam upfront — you choose your preferred exam dates and pay later directly with the training provider after you’ve booked the course.

Exam Prices for Distance Learning Students

  • 1 x Written exam (NGC1, GC2, FC1, NCC1, EC1, IGC1): £99 exc. VAT
  • Practical Assessment (EC2, FC2, GC3, NCC2): £50 exc. VAT
  • Oil & Gas Certificate (IOG1): £120 exc. VAT (held at one of our venues)
  • NGC Open Book Exam (NG1, IG1, NGC1, IGC1): £120 exc. VAT
  • NGC New syllabus practical assessment (NG2 IG2): £85 exc. VAT
  • NEBOSH Diploma Enrolment Fee: £60
  • NEBOSH Diploma written exam fee per unit: £135 excl. VAT (held at one of our venues)
  • NEBOSH Diploma unit DNI exam: £99 excl. VAT