Training and work goes hand in hand. Even when you take on a brand new employer who comes fully loaded with qualifications and experience training is still an important area that cannot be brushed off. You have a responsibility to provide the right health and safety courses and qualifications to those that require them in your workforce. They need training on how to use equipment, carry out certain aspects of the job and of course safety training is essential.

When it comes to health and safety you need to provide the right type of course for the role of the individual. There is no need to send a general labourer or worker on a course that has been designed for construction site managers and site managers may not need to receive training on how to use a certain piece of equipment. Getting it right will ensure everyone knows exactly what they need to know in order to contribute to a safe and healthy place of work.

Types of Training

The Institution of Occupational Safety & Health have a number or training courses suited to everyone in the workplace. The IOSH courses come in different formats. Some can be taught at local training centres or even in your own premises. These are the courses that are generally led by tutors and often consist of a small group of professionals rather than one to one private tuition. The e-learning version of the courses are often completed in a short time frame with the examination taking place right after the course has come to an end. It’s a fast way of educating your employees quickly and getting them the qualifications they need to perform their job fully.

Many courses can be taken via classroom, e-learning, distance learning or virtual online learning. You may need to keep your employees on site and working most of the day in which case the tutor led short courses might not be ideal. As an employer you do have to legally provide time to your employees for training but you could allocate one or two hours a day or even a week if it fits into your working requirements more comfortably.

The e-learning, distance learning and virtual learning courses still provide recognised training and qualifications, however they are a lot more flexible. The candidate just needs a personal computer/laptop or other suitable handheld device and some time to dedicate to the course materials and exam.

Train Your Employees the Right Way and Protect Business

By providing the right training courses you can protect your workers and provide a safe and healthy working environment. It is possible to ensure your employees help you to comply with the laws and legislation and reduce the risk of your company or managers being prosecuted by the HSE. Furthermore you can cut down costs from employee absences caused by work related illnesses and accidents at work.

Don’t take risks with the lives of your employees or your business. Provide IOSH courses for your managers today.