CITB Site Management Safety Training Scheme

The CITB SMSTS course, or Site Management Safety Training Scheme is a five day course provided by tutors to over ten thousand people each year. The site manager qualification is ideal for those in any role of responsibility within the construction industry, supervisors as well as proprietors, or for anyone looking to become a site manager in the future. This training is strongly regarded as the best site management qualification available. It provides you with a thorough health and safety training background within the current legal guidelines.

smsts courseConstruction site managers and supervisors have a legal duty to ensure the safety and health of fellow workers and the public. Not only are there laws and regulations to adhere to, there is a moral duty to do all that is possible to prevent accidents and injuries onsite. Therefore training in construction safety is a necessity and a requirement. Attending the SMSTS training can show you comply with the laws and prepare you to manage a safe site at all times.

A CITB SMSTS certificate is considered to be an indication of competence of a Site Manager according to the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP) for the Construction Design and Management (CDM Regulations). The training and qualification is ideal for Site Managers as well as:

  • Proprietors of Construction Companies
  • Project Managers
  • Site Supervisors

The CITB SMSTS training takes place over five days and will teach the health and safety skills required to maintain a safe construction site. Please note that the course should not be confused with the SSSTS (Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme) as the site supervisor scheme is a less senior qualification with a duration of two-days. It is also important to note that a more basic introduction to safety on site also exists for individuals who are not in supervisory or managerial roles – try the 1-day  CITB Health & Safety Awareness.


SMSTS Course Content

The main focus of the SMSTS course will be risk assessment and to learn how to work and manage following the regulations stipulated by the Health and Safety at Work Act. Topics which are covered during the five day training include planning organising monitoring controlling and administering:

  • Health & Safety at Work Act
  • CDM Regulations 2015
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Scaffolding
  • Excavations
  • Scaffolding
  • Demolition
  • Confined Spaces
  • Site Set Up

Delegates are required to attend all five days of the SMSTS training in order to be awarded the qualification. During the SMSTS attendees will need to show understanding of the main elements and pass the core exercises. At the end of the training there is a final examination, passing the exam will qualify the individual for the CITB certificate in construction site management which is then valid for five years.


5 Days / 40 Hours. SMSTS training is typically delivered over five consecutive days, alternatively day release – one day per week for five weeks.

How the Training is Assessed

Assessment is continuous throughout the SMSTS via individual and group exercises. Testing of the knowledge learned during the five days is in the form of a multiple choice CITB examination paper consisting of 25 questions. 5 of the questions will be safety critical and will require a short written answer.

Safety critical questions are worth 1-3 points each and multiple choice questions are worth 1 point each. To pass the SMSTS course successfully delegates will be required to answer all of the safety critical questions correctly. The pass the exam a score of 80% (28 out of 35) will be required.

Upon successful completion of the course the CITB will not issue a SMSTS card, however a certificate will be provided within 6 – 8 weeks.

It must be stressed to all SMSTS course attendees the need to attend all sessions since without full attendance the examining body will not award the CITB certificate.

Photographic I.D. is required for all delegates. Written parental consent is required for all delegates under 18 years of age. Failure to provide this on the first day of the SMSTS course is likely to result in the delegate not being allowed to attend or complete the training. All delegates must have a good understanding of written & spoken English. [Please note that translators are not permitted to attend].

GE700 Publication / Workbooks

All 5 day SMSTS courses advertised on our website include access to Construction Site Skills GE700 publication. The cost to buy this workbook on its own would be approximately £90.00 or slightly less for CITB levy payers.

Dependent on the accredited CITB training provider, delegates are given the option of taking away training materials in the following formats

  • hard copy workbooks
  • CD
  • access to a materials online


Attend the SMSTS Refresher Every Five Years

After the five years it is necessary to return for a two day SMSTS Refresher to make sure you are still up to date with the latest H&S regulations. We have refresher courses available in most major towns and cities. By passing and maintaining your training you are able to prove that you are complying with the demands and laws regarding construction health and safety. In the event your current certificate has expired you must attend the full five day SMSTS course again.


Should I Take the SMSTS or SSSTS?

It is important to choose the right qualification that suits your job position, industry and responsibilities. Which one of these courses is best suited for you? Let’s take a look at the differences in order to help you decide.

They were both introduced in 2002 by the UK government, as a way of improving the awareness level of safety on construction sites. Also, these courses are both provided by training centres at public training venues, or have the trainer come to your workplace.

These courses are similar in a lot of ways, but there are big differences between the two and one will be better suited to your situation than the other. It is important to look closer at the differences so that you can select the program that will help you the most in your career.


Differences Between the Training Schemes

The 5 day site managers qualification lasts for five years and when this qualification is about to expire you can take a two day SMSTS refresher course. If you pass the exam, you will renew your qualification and be able to use it again for five more years. The refresher course will cover all of the newest developments in the law, as well as new issues in construction.

The site supervisors qualification requires you to take a SSSTS refresher course to keep your qualification valid. This is a course to update your knowledge and many supervisors take it.

A major difference is that these two courses cover slightly different content. They are both focused on safety in the construction environment, but they have a different focus. The SMSTS course is more focused toward the law and the regulations, highlighting the practices that are outlined by the HSE and ensuring your managers are not breaching the law.

The focus for the content of the SSSTS course is toward increasing awareness and understanding for managers. The aim of this course is focused on what good practice is and why it is needed. However, these courses both offer an introduction to CDM regulations and information on how to conduct a risk assessment in order to identify and prevent accidents in the workplace.

Another difference is how the courses are evaluated. The supervisor course is assessed by a 30 minute multiple choice examination. You will need to pass the exam in order to be awarded with your certificate. The managers course is evaluated via a series of group based and individual exercises as well as an end-of-course examination. You will need to show that you understand the main elements of the course by passing the core exercises, as well as passing the final examination.

It is also important to consider what your next step will be after this course. If you are going to be working as a manager, you will need to take the site management safety training scheme in order to be qualified for your role.

The site management course is required in the Approved Code of Practice by the regulations of Construction Design and Management.


CITB Levy Payers

To allow for the automated process of claiming back the training grant, please ensure that delegates attending courses, take the Levy Number & enter it on the relevant section of the course paperwork. Retrospective claims may not be accepted.