CITB SMSTS Course for Construction Site Managers

smsts course for site managersThe CITB SMSTS course, or Site Management Safety Training Scheme is a five day course provided by tutors to over ten thousand people each year. The site manager qualification is ideal for those in any role of responsibility within the construction industry, supervisors as well as proprietors, or for anyone looking to become a site manager in the future. This training course is strongly regarded as the best site management qualification available and provides you with a thorough health and safety training background within the current legal guidelines.

The CITB training is designed for managers looking to continue or take on a managerial role within construction. The training takes place over five days and will teach the health and safety skills required to maintain a safe construction site.

Course Content

The main focus of the SMSTS course will be risk assessment and to learn how to work and manage following the regulations stipulated by the Health and Safety at Work Act.

Topics Covered in the Syllabus

Topics which are covered during five day SMSTS courses include planning organising monitoring controlling and administering:

  • CDM
  • Risk Assessments
  • Method Statements
  • Scaffolding
  • Excavations
  • Scaffolding
  • Demolition
  • Confined Spaces
  • Site Set Up

You are required to attend all five days of the SMSTS training course in order to be awarded the qualification. During the 5-days delegates will need to show understanding of the main elements and pass the core exercises. At the end of the training you’ll be required to sit a final examination, passing the exam will mean you qualify for the certificate which is then valid for five years.

Get the Best Value for Money

Although the cost of SMSTS courses should be factored into your decision-making, the quality of the training provider and the course should be considered. Like everything else, training fees and quality of the course delivery can vary depending on which training provider and instructor deliver it.

High quality construction safety training saves lives, so for the sake of your managers and the site workers they are responsible for – it’s wiser and safer to consider the quality factors rather than just the cost.

What to Consider When Booking SMSTS Courses

  • is the provider accredited by the CITB and an Approved Training Organisation (ATO)?
  • what is the instructors level of experience?
  • how often does the provider cancel their courses?
  • what have previous delegates said about the training providers course?
  • is the training delivered at a suitable venue & location?
  • what is the cost of the SMSTS course?
  • what is included in the price?
  • if your role on site is more of a supervisory one, you may want to consider attending the 2 day SSSTS course instead

SMSTS Training Reviews & Quality Ratings

Upon completion of the SMSTS training course, attendees are sent an email request to rate their overall experience. We make it super easy and quick to rate the delivery of the training and to place a few words in the form of a customer comment. The ratings and comments are collected in our system and subsequently published on our site overnight. Envico now have over 1000 provider ratings and genuine customer comments – these contribute significantly in ensuring others can make a more informed decision when booking the SMSTS course.



  • Photographic I.D. is required for all delegates
  • Written parental consent is required for all delegates under 18 years of age
  • Failure to provide this on the first day of the course is likely to result in the delegate not being allowed to attend or complete the training.