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What is the Medium Risk C&G Confined Space Rescue Course For?

Confined spaces have the potential to be extremely dangerous. They expose rescuers to hazards, some of which can be lethal. In order to successfully navigate them, specialist training is required. That’s the purpose of this course. It lasts for two days, and will prepare students for confined spaces where there is a moderate risk of a specific hazard being present.

Entering confined spaces safely requires at least one additional person positioned outside the point of entry, who will have responsibility for watching the entry and handling emergency collapses. Moreover, specialist equipment might be required to gain entry, such as ladders and winches. Handling such equipment safely and effectively requires training, which this course provides.

What Will I Learn During the Training?

Students enrolling in this course can expect to learn:

  • What defines a medium-risk confined space.
  • How to prepare to safely enter a medium-risk confined spaces.
  • How to enter and exit such spaces.
  • How to inspect and use specialist equipment, such as breathing apparatus, tripods and winches.
  • What specific risks to look for.
  • How to assess the risk presented by a confined space.
  • How to handle emergencies.
  • What their legal obligations are.

The training will involve a range of practical exercises, which will allow students to get to grips with a range of situations. You’ll have the opportunity to directly observe entry into a medium-risk confined space, before being tested via a written examination. Upon completion, you’ll be granted a certificate valid for three years.