This NVQ Level 2 Wood Occupations – Site Carpentry course is built to provide carpenters with the practical skills and professionalism they need to progress in the construction industry. The NVQ Level 2 is a qualification that everyone in the industry recognises – it’s a sure sign that a would-be employee is able to do the job to the standard required.

The NVQ Site Carpentry course will provide a means of achieving the qualification through work in the construction industry.

Who is this NVQ Level 2 Site Carpentry Course For?

Learners should be carpenters who are already employed in the industry, since the site carpentry course requires a workplace environment. They should also be over the age of sixteen. This course will offer learners with a pathway toward the Blue CSCS Card or Skilled Worker Card, and so if this is your ambition, you’re likely to make an excellent student!

Course Content

All NVQ courses are structured in broadly the same way. There are core components, which provide a broad base of competencies common to all good construction workers, and there are specialised ones particular to a given skillset, in this case carpentry.

This NVQ Level 2 in Wood Occupations course covers the following mandatory topics:

  • Conforming to Productive Working Practices in the Workplace
  • Storing, Moving and Handling Resources in the Workplace
  • Conforming to General Safety, Health and Welfare

There are also five optional modules, from which learners must obtain the required number of credits in order to successfully complete the course:

  • Installing First Fixing Components in the Workplace
  • Erecting Structural Carcassing Components in the Workplace
  • Using and Setting Up Shaping and Transportable Cutting Machines in the Workplace
  • Installing Second Fixing Components in the Workplace
  • Maintaining Non-structural Carpentry Work in the Workplace