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What is the SPA Food Passport?

The SPA Food Passport provides information and training relevant to the food and drink industry sector in respect of food hygiene, environmental concerns and health and safety so as to support the continued improvement of such standards throughout the sector.

Understand the implications for cost, business, job security and risk of injury if concerns for hygiene, environment and health and safety are not properly considered.

Who is the SPA Food Passport Suitable for?

The SPA Food Passport is aimed at contractors, employees or casual workers who work in food and drink manufacturing, the SPA Passport food and drink training programme focuses on hygiene and food safety, specific environmental issues and health and safety practices.

What’s Included in the SPA Food Passport?

Upon completion of the SPA Food Passport course you will have the knowledge to:

  • Compare injury incident rates across some industry sectors
  • Understand the importance of training, awareness and good personal behaviour in reducing potential for harm
  • Recognise the implications for cost, job security and risk of injury if areas of concern are not addressed and controlled
  • Understand the three main areas of concern as food damage, environmental damage and people damage

Module 1

Food Protection

Will give delegates an understanding of the potential sources and types of food contamination, sources and effects of contamination, safe working practices to eliminate or reduce risk, the importance of protective clothing and good personal hygiene.

Module 2

Environmental Protection

This module will give delegates an understanding of current and future environmental requirements:- impact of environmental damage, anti-pollution controls and proper waste disposal

Module 3

Health and Safety

This module provides an awareness and understanding of the hazards to Health and Safety particularly relevant to the food and drink sector and the control measures necessary to such risks to continually reducing levels


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