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FAQ Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider

The FAQ Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider is aimed at individuals who intend to take on the role of Mental Health First Aider with responsibility for responding to workplace mental health episodes, intervening and escalating as appropriate.

It covers providing advice and practical aid to individuals presenting with a mental health condition, creating positive mental health cultures in workplaces, responding to individuals experiencing mental health episodes, supporting line managers and implementing reasonable adjustments when the individual returns to work. The action plan for responding to mental health episodes is based upon the protocol devised by St John Ambulance.

Who Should Attend the Mental Health: Workplace First Aider?

This FAQ Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider course is suitable for those looking to understand and improve their knowledge and confidence about mental health and to learn the skills to support their own and others’ positive wellbeing in the workplace.

Please be aware that this course focuses on employees in the workplace and covers subjects that some people may find distressing, including suicide and self-harm. If a delegate feels overwhelmed they can leave the course at any time. However, if you feel in advance that this subject may be too distressing for the delegate please do not book them on without first asking them whether they would feel comfortable attending. If the delegate is unsure whether this topic is suitable for them, please encourage them to contact us on 0808 1966 830 to discuss their concerns. For support with your mental health, please contact Samaritans on 116 123, or NHS 111.

Mental Health Workplace First Aider Course Content

  • What is mental health
  • What is the difference between a mental health episode, crisis and condition
  • Factors that affect our mental health
  • The mental health continuum
  • Roles and responsibilities of a Mental Health First Aider and Responder
  • Key attributes and behaviours of a Mental Health First Aider
  • Mental health action plan protocol
  • How to carry out a risk assessment when supporting an
  • Know the difference between a medical emergency and an imminent threat to life and which mental health conditions may be described as either and what action to take
  • Recognising stress and how to support someone who may be experiencing stress
  • Recognising when someone is in crisis
  • Suicide continuum, risk factors, signs and symptoms
  • Recognising and understanding of self-harm, eating dis- orders, PTSD, OCD
  • Psychosis including delusions, thought disorder and hallucinations
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Key skills for showing empathy
  • Key skills for how to support an individual with poor mental health including where to sign post them to and how to have that important wellbeing conversation
  • Overview of key legislation relevant to mental health
  • Attitudes around mental health and how to create a positive culture in the workplace through influence and action planning
  • How to support an individual and their line manager when returning to work after an episode of absence due to poor mental health.

Course Duration

  • 2-Days

Pre-requisites to Attend the Training

Learners must be registered with FutureQuals by 12pm of the day of the course. To do this we require some additional information which we will request from you using the link in the joining instructions. You must also bring the relevant ID to the course as outlined in the required pre-course reading. This can be accessed through the link to our online learning hub enclosed in the joining instructions.


Assessment is carried out through two multiple-choice question papers as well as a scenario based practical assessment. Learners are required to pass all assessments to earn the FAQ Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider qualification.


Subject to passing all assessments, learners will be awarded with an FAQ Level 3 award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider, valid for three years.