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What is the High Risk C&G Confined Space Rescue Course For?

Confined spaces are potentially hazardous, or even lethal. For this reason, specialist City & Guilds confined space training is recommended to prepare those working in such environments. Once completed, candidates will be able to assess and control risk factors, and carry out their duties effectively and safely.

Entry into confined spaces is often complicated by an obstruction. These hazards can be any shape, size or weight, and thus gaining entry might require complex procedures, arrangements and equipment. Detection and resuscitation equipment may also be needed, along with open-circuit breathing apparatus.

What Will I Learn During the Training?

Over the course of three days, you’ll learn how to:

  • Prepare for work in confined spaces.
  • Move in and out of confined spaces safely.
  • Assess risks and identify hazards.
  • Deal with dangerous gases.
  • Recognise and react to emergency situations.
  • Apply general knowledge to work in high-risk confined spaces.
  • Top-man-bottom-man duties.
  • Your obligations under law.

You’ll also be instructed in the use of specialised equipment, such as gas detectors, open-circuit breathing apparatus, tripods, winches and fall-arrest equipment. You’ll be taught to inspect such equipment, ensuring that it’s safe to use.

You’ll also learn exactly what defines a confined space, a learn what constitutes a low, medium and high-risk space.