Not all companies are able to spare the time needed for their employees to receive tutor led training. When a whole day or more is required for a course many employers are left unsure of how to move forward when it comes to health and safety training. While it is essential to provide high quality training there are ways of ensuring your workforce receive the education they require, without having to lose your employees for days at a time.

Learn at Your Own Pace – At Home or in the Workplace

One of the most popular options to consider is e-learning for health and safety. These online courses can be offered within your premises, at times to suit. By providing this option it is possible to dedicate a number of hours to the course, meaning employees are able to work on their usual tasks at other times of the day. It is flexible and offers a great alternative and the same level of qualification.

The e-learning courses are also ideal for anyone looking to invest in their own future. You do not need to wait for an employer to send you on a course. You have the option of getting trained in order to improve your career prospects. If you are currently working or in education taking a week off for the training may not always be possible. The e-learning courses can be taken at home to fit in with your busy schedule.

E-learning at Your Own Pace

These flexible courses allow you to learn at your own pace. You have the choice of working quickly within one week or spreading out the course over several weeks. There are many courses available via e-learning, so you can build up a strong portfolio of appropriate skills for yourself or your employees. Some of the available courses include:

Don’t let limited time and daily duties stand in the way of ensuring your do everything possible to reduce the risks in the workplace. Your employees need to be trained in order to help you comply with the laws in place. Call 0808 1966 830 to find out more about the e-learning health and safety courses.