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NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety Course (In-person)

The NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety is a unique professional qualification in health and safety which aims to provide the knowledge and understanding that underpins competent performance as an Occupational Health and safety professional. It is a structured route to progress your career in health and safety comprised of 4 units. On successful completion of the NEBOSH Diploma course and registration for the Initial Professional Development (IPD) the designatory letters GradIOSH can be used. CMIOSH which is chartered status is gained after successful completion of two years Initial Professional Development skills based portfolio and undertake a professional review interview.

What You Will Learn in the Classroom

After successfully completing the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety course you will:

  • Be able to provide detailed advice for safety issues in line with current legislation and HSE guidance.
  • Be able to assist the organisation in continual health and safety management and control measures.
  • Have a broad range of detailed knowledge and the application of key safety and health issues.
  • GradIOSH designatory letters can be used after enrolment for a period of Initial Professional Development (IPD).
  • CMIOSH chartered status is gained after successful completion of a minimum of 2 years Initial Professional Development (IPD) during which they will develop a skills based portfolio in OSH Practice and undertake a professional review interview with the Privy Council.

NEBOSH Diploma Course Content

The three units content is outlined below and these are accompanied with a common skills element:

Common Skills

  • Communication Skills
  • Training Skills

Unit A: Managing Health and Safety

  • A1 Principles of H&S management
  • A2 Loss causation and incident investigation
  • A3 Identifying hazards, assessing and evaluating risk
  • A4 Risk control and emergency planning
  • A5 Organisational factors
  • A6 Human factors
  • A7 Principles of health and safety law
  • A8 Criminal law
  • A9 Civil law
  • A10 Measuring health and safety performance

Unit B: Hazardous Agents in the Workplace

  • B1 General aspects of occupational health and hygiene
  • B2 Principles of Toxicology and Epidemiology
  • B3 Chemical Agents – Evaluating Risk
  • B4 Hazardous Substances – Preventative and Protective Measures
  • B5 Hazardous Substances – Monitoring and Maintenance of Control Measures
  • B6 Biological Agents
  • B7 Physical Agents (1) – Noise and Vibration
  • B8 Physical Agents (2) – Radiation and Thermal environment
  • B9 Psycho-social Agents
  • B10 Ergonomic agents

Unit C: Workplace and Work Equipment

  • C1 General workplace issues
  • C2 Principles of fire and explosion
  • C3 Workplace fire precautions
  • C4 The storage, handling and processing of dangerous substances
  • C5 Work equipment
  • C6 Machinery safety
  • C7 Mechanical handling
  • C8 Electrical safety
  • C9 Safety in construction and demolition
  • C10 Environmental pollution and waste management

NEBOSH National Diploma Examinations

  • It is balanced between exams and continual assessment.
  • Assessments: 3 NEBOSH written assignments, 1 for each unit.
  • 3 Exams: there is one 3-hour exam for each unit respectively

Other health and safety courses which may be of interest

The below occupational and site safety courses are aimed at supervisors and managers and may be of interest. These provide an introduction to risk assessment training and health and safety management.

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Can I Do the NEBOSH National Diploma Online with a Real Instructor?

This NEBOSH National Diploma course is delivered online via live video conferencing and is taught by an expert NEBOSH tutor. This provides an excellent opportunity to learn high level health and safety management, without the need for travel or booking accommodation.

Course Dates and Fees

View all virtual NEBOSH National Diploma online course dates and fees.

What’s Included in the NEBOSH National Diploma Online Course?

The new NEBOSH Diploma specification perfectly complements remote learning, as all the assessments are completed online. This means that you can develop your career by undertaking a Diploma in health and safety, without any travel or hassle.

NEBOSH Diploma Online Course Content

The NEBOSH Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Professionals is split into 3 units:

Unit ND1: Know – workplace health and safety principles

This unit covers UK legislation, the principles of good health and safety management, and content such as health and safety management systems, contributing to legal actions, managing contractors and supply chains, and much more.

Unit ND2: Do – controlling workplace health issues

This unit covers a wide variety of health issues faced by organisations including how to assess, monitor and manage health issues and health risks, and legal duties associated with the issues. It covers key topic such as mental health, violence, lone working, hazardous substances, biological agents, health monitoring, musculoskeletal issues and much more.

Unit ND3: Do – controlling workplace safety issues

This unit covers common workplace safety issues, hazard identification, assessment control, and legal duties. It covers key topics such as working environment, confined spaces, fire and explosion, work equipment, machinery, electricity, transport and driving, and much more.

Certification and Assessment

NEBOSH Diploma assessments are completed online over a period of 20 – 30 working days. The content covered in each assessment is reflective of what’s learnt in the unit.

Unit ND1: Assignment – Simulations, work-based activities, reflective tasks and a research project.
Unit ND2: Work related case study, open book assessment paper
Unit ND3: Work related case study, open book assessment paper


  • Fee: £147.00
  • Fee: £147.00
  • Fee: £147.00

NEBOSH Diploma Enrolment fee

  • £63.00

What’s next after the NEBOSH Diploma?

Upon successful completion of this course, you can use the post nominals DipNEBOSH and attend the annual NEBOSH graduation ceremony. The NEBOSH Diploma is full or partial entry requirement for many Master’s level qualifications on OH&S.

The NEBOSH Diploma meets the qualification requirement for Graduate level membership of IOSH.

International learners

As of the 31st of August 2022, IOSH will no longer acknowledge this course as meeting the qualification requirements of ‘GradIOSH’ membership if the course has been completed outside of the UK.

Study the NEBOSH National Diploma Online

Delivery Method

Online / E-learning

This NEBOSH National Diploma e-learning course provides you with a flexible, easily accessible and successful learning solution. You choose the time and pace of learning. You take control of your learning programme using creative multimedia to fit your learning style and gain the NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety qualification with market leaders.

Courses and Fees

View all NEBOSH National Diploma e-learning courses and fees.

Course Materials

The e-learning course materials have been developed by a team of experienced authors including NEBOSH examiners. They follow a strict development cycle to ensure up-to-date excellence in line with ISO 9001.

Interactive Multimedia

This highly interactive, Flash based online training course has a very user friendly interface, deployed via Blackboard VLE (Virtual Learning System). The notes are available as a pdf to download and they are complemented by a highly interactive multimedia course. Each module clearly defines its learning outcomes and you are able to move around the course at your choice rather than being restricted to page by page viewing. It is task driven to achieve your learning outcomes. The diverse multimedia content develops your knowledge and understanding of the syllabus and helps you pass the NEBOSH exams. The following tools are available:

  1. Video tutor and footage and audio clips
  2. Monitor your progress: Interactive quizzes and tests with relevant feedback and case studies
  3. Grade book to record your progress: scores on tests
  4. Web links to relevant authoritative websites
  5. Comprehensive glossary of useful terms
  6. Diagrams with “mouse over” explanations
  7. Large library of photos

Tutor Support Provided

You are not alone. Tutor support is available from a dedicated team. They are all chartered consultants, experienced practitioners, examiners with training qualifications. They will provide feedback, answer questions you have via email within 48 hours (during office hours).

NEBOSH Exam Preparation

Every module uses a bank of past exam questions and recommended answers to prepare you thoroughly for the exam. Every 5 modules includes a mini mock exam to demonstrate your competence with tutor feedback.

Online Collaboration

E-learning does not mean you are isolated. The following socially interactive tools provide a means of discussing course topics with fellow delegates:

  • Email
  • Forums with threads of discussion of topics in more depth
  • Blogs to maintain a diary of your progress

Admin & IT support

Full admin and technical support is available in use of Blackboard from Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5pm

E-learning Course Development

This NEBOSH e-learning course has been created by a highly experienced team of multimedia and instructional designers who have worked closely with experienced chartered consultants in the Diploma team.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Blackboard, the host of this learning management system is the leading service provider for e-learning in the education sector. It is user friendly and easy to navigate providing a secure and private virtual learning environment.

Benefits of Studying Online

  • Interesting and diverse multimedia content to fit your learning style developed by a dedicated and experienced team
  • Flexible learning solution: you choose the time, place and pace
  • Monitor your progress: you can access your scores and learn from the relevant feedback throughout
  • Cost effective: save on costs for travel, accommodation, time away from job i.e. 6 weeks on a face to face course
  • Reassurance that you will gain the knowledge and understanding to apply it to your workplace context and pass the NEBOSH exams and assignments.

NEBOSH National Diploma Distance Learning

The NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety can be studied via Distance Learning. It is intended for people that want to forge a career in health and safety – for example as a health and safety advisor, manager or consultant. It is also provides a basis for progressing to postgraduate study.

Course Dates and Fees

View all virtual NEBOSH National Diploma online course dates and fees.

Course Content

The distance learning course covers the same content as other versions of the course such as classroom and e-learning.

Distance Learning Course Materials

All distance learning course materials required are provided. The training course is designed to be extremely flexible, and can be modified to suit any kind of learner. The course is intended to bridge the gap between traditional distance learning and e-learning. For people who do not want to use computers or the internet so much, the course can be conducted as a traditional distance learning course by using textbooks, written assignments and telephone support. However, for people that want to embrace the internet as a learning medium, a huge variety of extra support methods are available:

  • Lists of website links to further reading and related online articles and documents
  • A Facebook Group especially for Distance Learners – the intention is to promote discussion and contact between learners so that experiences and knowledge can be shared.
  • A Youtube channel including video clips, video presentations etc. to support learning.
  • Podcasts which can be downloaded and used for revision when traveling or listening to an mp3 player etc.
  • Email and Skype support from expert tutors, including regular “Skype Surgeries” where tutors will be online at regular advertised times to discuss particular topics

Tutor Support

Tutors will be available to support students through their studies. The tutorial team includes:

  • A tutor who has achieved distinctions in 4 NEBOSH awards (including NEBOSH National Diploma) and a health and safety MSc – all by distance learning
  • NEBOSH examiners (including a former NEBOSH Principal Examiner)
  • A tutor who has presented on health and safety to the House of Commons, been interviewed for the Times newspaper and Radio 4, is completing her PhD and publishing a book
  • Expert health and safety consultants, who have experience of implementing health and safety every day with clients in addition to delivering training courses and providing distance learning support

Support is provided 12 hours a day, 7 days per week. Contact with tutors can be by telephone, fax, email or Skype. Your support is provided until such time as you pass the distance learning course – it will not expire after a set time period.

Ongoing Assessment

You will be required to complete a study planner so that your progress can be tracked towards your final exams. The distance learning course materials include regular revision questions and activities so that you can test your own progress, and these can be discussed with tutors at any time.

There are also several Tutor Marked Assignments (TMA’s), which are submitted for marking and individual feedback on performance.

There is a practical assessment that involves a full health and safety review of a company of your choice (ideally your own). Submission dates for the assessment are available on application.

Exam Fees

Examination fees are not included in the distance learning course price. Exam fees are £504 + VAT for the full course. This is made up of 3 written exams which are £135+VAT each, and £99 +VAT for Unit D practical. There is also a £60 enrolment fee payable to NEBOSH.