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NEBOSH Construction Certificate Classroom Course (In-person)

This NEBOSH Construction Certificate course helps individuals in managing health and safety in construction on a day-to-day basis. The official qualification title for this course is the NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction (UK). This qualification was previously known as the NEBOSH National Certificate in Construction Health & Safety.

This nationally recognised construction industry qualification covers the core health and safety issues involved in the industry and aims to provide attendees with the technical knowledge and the practical skills to manage construction site and workplace hazards.

Who is NEBOSH Health & Safety Management in Construction Suitable for?

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate is suitable suitable for:

  • Construction site managers
  • Contracts managers
  • Site workers with health and safety responsibilities
  • Construction health and safety advisors

This health and safety in construction course makes excellent continued professional development (CPD) for health and safety professionals working in other industries or looking to move into construction.

What’s Included in the NEBOSH Construction Certificate?

Course Content

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate training course syllabus covers the following key elements:

  • Health and safety culture
  • CDM (Construction Design and Management) roles and responsibilities
  • Assessing construction site risk
  • Managing change
  • Mobile plant and vehicles
  • Work equipment
  • Electrical safety
  • Fire safety
  • Chemical and Biological Health Hazards and Risk Control
  • Physical and Psychological Health
  • Working at Height
  • Excavation and Demolition
  • Demolition and Deconstruction – Hazards & Risk Control

Learning Outcomes

  • how to effectively manage health and safety on a construction site
  • how to identify and control common workplace hazards on a construction site
  • to understand the UK’s legal requirements for managing health and safety in construction
  • to understand the importance and critical elements of health and safety management systems
  • to be aware of the duties of clients, designers, principal designers, principal contractors and contractors under the Construction Regulations 2015
  • how to conduct and participate in incident investigations
  • how to apply the principles and practice of risk assessment
  • how to identify and assess construction workplace hazards, such as those associated with excavation, working at height, demolition and workplace transport safety
  • how to use methods for controlling identified workplace hazards within the construction industry
  • how to advise on duties under constructions legislation
  • how to manage contractors safely

Course Duration

The course is 9-days in duration and may be delivered over 9 consecutive days, 5 days one week and 4 days the next, weekdays/weekends, alternatively online or in the form of distance learning. Specific date and duration information is provided on each course prior to booking your course.


National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH), a leading UK based examination board providing courses in areas including construction health and safety regulations, general health and safety, fire safety, oil & gas and international courses. Browse other NEBOSH courses for these specialist areas.

NEBOSH Assessment & Exam

At the end of the NEBOSH Construction Certificate course you need to pass one assessment:

Open Book Examination

You will be given 48 hours to complete a written examination from home. You will be required to answer a set of questions relating to a real-life scenario. External NEBOSH examiners will evaluate your open-book assessment.

Closing Interview

Following the open book exam you will be expected to take part in a short closing interview, which will take approximately 15 minutes. The interview is performed to confirm that the work you have submitted is your own work and that you have not received any assistance in completing your NEBOSH assessment.

Your final 15 minute interview will take place via online video call, which you will need to access via smartphone, tablet or computer.

You will be asked to provide identification in the form of a passport, driving license or national identity card. The interviewer will need to see the room that you are in to ensure you don’t have access to notes during the interview. The interviewer will ask you questions based on your open-book exam, your work and the work you have submitted.

Please also note that your closing interview isn’t an assessment, you won’t receive a mark. If the interviewer is happy that the work is your own, your mark will be published in line with NEBOSH timeframes.

NEBOSH Construction Certificate Cost

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate cost ranges from £395.00 + VAT to £1600.00 + VAT Plus Exam Fees. The distance learning and e-learning options are usually the cheapest options and the classroom courses more expensive.


There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification. It is important that learners have a suitable standard of English language in order to understand and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus. NEBOSH recommends that learners undertaking this qualification should reach a minimum standard of English equivalent to an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) score of 6.0 or higher in IELTS tests.

Important Note

NEBOSH Health and Safety Management for Construction is a standalone qualification. This means that you will not be able to use units from other NEBOSH qualifications against any part of this qualification.

Further Studying

If you would like to study further once you’ve completed the NEBOSH Construction Certificate, many students progress to the NEBOSH Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety (Grad IOSH) and, from there, to chartered status (CMIOSH).

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NEBOSH Construction Certificate Online (Instructor-led) Course

The NEBOSH Construction online course can now be studied in the comfort of your own home or workplace using a PC, Laptop or other suitable device and a reliable broadband internet connection. The NEBOSH Construction online course is suitable for those who are involved in managing health and safety in construction.

Course Dates and Fees

View all virtual NEBOSH Construction Certificate online course dates and fees.

Virtual Online Training Using Video Technology

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate online is studied remotely via video technology solution using a real live instructor/tutor. This nationally recognised managing health and safety in construction training follows the same curriculum as the classroom version of the course while delivering the same standard of training meeting all examination body rules.

What’s different about NEBOSH Construction Online instructor-led course?

  1. Minimum delegate numbers for the course may be reduced.
  2. To manage remote online training effectively, the maximum number of delegates allowed may also be reduced.
  3. I.D may be checked prior to the examination commencing.
  4. Each delegate must show the invigilator that they are alone in the room and must be visible via the video at all times.

What remains the same?

  1. You need to pass one assessment and a closing interview.
  2. Assessments are marked by external examiners, appointed by NEBOSH.
  3. To obtain NEBOSH certification delegates must complete and pass the examinations.
  4. If candidates are successful in passing one or more units they will be awarded a NEBOSH certificate for each unit passed.
  5. Candidates who are successful in completing all units will be given the overall qualification parchment (NEBOSH Construction Health & Safety Certificate)

NEBOSH Construction Certificate Online Cost

The NEBOSH Construction Certificate online cost ranges from £995.00 + VAT to £1420.00 + VAT. Courses are paid for in advance to secure your place(s) on the course. Payment is made after booking online. Payment methods include c/card over the telephone, alternative by bank transfer after receipt of your invoice.

What’s Included in the NEBOSH Construction Certificate E-learning?

The NEBOSH Health & Safety Management for Construction e-learning course covers the same content as the classroom version of the course and is examined in the same way.

Since this version of the NEBOSH Construction Certificate is delivered online in e-learning format, it is well suited to anyone who needs to be able to learn on a flexible schedule and adapt the course work to their own pace. Students will be able to access the course anytime from anywhere in the world and the program is designed with online interaction that makes it enjoyable to learn.

Courses and Fees

View all NEBOSH Construction Certificate e-learning courses and fees.

What’s different about the e-learning course?

The training course is fully explained in the introduction and there will be a frequently asked questions section with further information. You will have access to a tutor support system which will allow you to send a message with any questions. E-learning includes the following:

  • Time Management Tools – Your studying time will be tracked and recorded which will help you to manage your time and achieve your goals. You will receive a study schedule with an interactive table and a plan for exam preparation.
  • Student Notes – You will be able to create notes and print them out, with formatting options.
  • Clear learning outcomes – The expectation of what you should learn from each section of the course is explained.
  • Resources for learning – The course includes valuable learning resources including videos, study materials, references and much more.
  • Study exercises – You’ll have written and multiple choice exercises that will help you to practice and test your knowledge and understanding of the material.
  • Identifying Hazards – There will be an interactive test that will verify your ability to identify hazards in an actual workplace situation.
  • Drag and Drop Exercises – The course includes interactive features that test your ability to sort items into their correct categories.
  • Risk Assessment – You will need to use the “5 Steps” approach to complete a risk assessment.
  • Workplace Test – Another feature of the course will ask you to review an image of an example workplace. You will need to identify the hazards and recommend suitable adjustments to improve the safety of the workplace.

What remains the same?

  1. Assessments are marked by external examiners, appointed by NEBOSH.
  2. To obtain NEBOSH certification delegates must complete and pass the examinations.
  3. If candidates are successful in passing one or more units they will be awarded a NEBOSH certificate for each unit passed.
  4. Candidates who are successful in completing all units will be given the overall qualification parchment (NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety).