As a manager in your workplace, you are responsible for the health and safety of your employees. When they are carrying out a specific task such as working in confined spaces or working at heights, do you ensure that they are wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety harnesses? When they are working with dangerous substances such as chemicals or with power tools, do you train them on the proper handling of these tools and enforce correct procedure?

It is the role of the manager in the workplace to take responsibility and do all that is reasonably possible to ensure the safety of their employees. If you are not doing this in your day to day work, you are not fulfilling this very important requirement.

Not only do safety failures resulting in accidents and injury cost the company money, they can have a devastating effect on the lives of your employees. Workers who are performing their tasks in an unsafe manner can be seriously injured or even killed on the job. If these accidents are the result of safety procedures being ignored or compromised on, this is a tragically preventable death which should not occur. It is not just your work responsibility or legal requirement to ensure that this doesn’t happen; it is an ethical responsibility to the life, health and livelihood of your employees. Learn more about health and safety procedures and the biggest mistakes managers make?.

The SMSTS qualification is accredited by CITB Construction Skills and helps to provide the essential expertise and knowledge so that managers can ensure that their workplace is meeting health & safety laws. This course will teach participants the skills that they need to ensure that their workplace is 100% regulation compliant. It is designed for managers, directors, supervisors and anyone else who has a role of authority over other workers.

The course and qualification will create safety leaders who can be positive role models in the workplace and enforce the correct procedures. For anyone striving to be promoted into a supervisory or managerial position, this course is an excellent qualification to have as it demonstrates a commitment to safety and a willingness to take on a leadership role.

The training and qualification covers many of the essentials for H&S management. It includes how to set up a site safely, how to conduct a risk assessment, how to write a method statement and much more. The course will also instruct managers on how to correctly plan and carry out work in hazardous environments such as on scaffolds, inside confined spaces and within excavations and demolitions.

The qualification is a total of five days long and it is essential that participants attend all five days of the training or they will not pass the course. There will be continuous assessment throughout the duration of the course. Once all five days have been completed, participants can complete the final examination and if they pass, they will be awarded the CITB accredited certificate to verify their qualification.

Health and Safety Courses to Consider