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NEBOSH Environmental Certificate (Classroom)

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate is designed to provide a sound foundation in environmental management knowledge and practice. The environmental management training is designed for managers, supervisors and employees based in the UK, who have responsibility for managing environment issues as a part of their day-to-day work. The NEBOSH training course focuses on UK environmental laws and International management systems, such as ISO 14001.

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management Course Content

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate course syllabus covers the practical issues of managing environmental risk, taking a risk management approach based on best practices and international standards, including:

  • Environmental Management Systems and Impact Assessments
  • Sources and use of energy and energy efficiency
  • Control of pollution
  • Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies

What are the Entry Requirements?

No previous environmental knowledge is required to undertake the NEBOSH National Certificate in Environmental Management but students must be able to write short reports.

Examination and Assessment

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate exam paper consists of one long-answer question and ten short-answer questions.

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NEBOSH Environmental Certificate (E-learning)

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate e-learning course provides a comprehensive introduction to environmental management systems, international standards and current best practice for control of environmental hazards. The course provides a solid introduction to Environmental Management.

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate online course is suitable for managers, supervisors and those with Environmental Management responsibilities within their roles.

Benefits of the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management Online

  • Boost your career prospects; NEBOSH Certificates are valued by employers globally
  • Eligible for Technician Membership of CIWEM (TechCIWEM)

E-learning Content

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is based on UK, EU and International Standards. It consists of two Units which must be successfully completed within five years to achieve the NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management qualification:

Unit EC1: Management and Control of Environmental Hazards

  • Foundations in Environmental Management
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Control of Emissions to Air
  • Control of Contamination of Water Sources
  • Control of Waste and Land Use
  • Sources and Use of Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Control of Environmental Noise
  • Planning for and Dealing with Environmental Emergencies

Unit EC2: Environmental Practical Application


  • Unit EC1 NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is assessed by a two-hour written examination.
  • Unit EC2 is assessed by a two-hour practical assessment carried out in your workplace (or another suitable workplace).

Exams are arranged in March, June, September and December each year.

E-learning Key Facts

  • Available 24/7 Worldwide
  • Around 70 hours of study + exams (can be completed in 3-9 months)
  • Ideal for those whose lifestyle needs a really flexible high quality learning method

Online Learning

  • Mobile-friendly, innovative, interactive online study including videos, animations, quizzes, tests and reviews of your progress
  • Unlimited tutor support by a team of expert tutors
  • Full PDF copy of the study text to download for offline study
  • 190 exam centres available throughout the world
  • Guaranteed Support

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Online Instructor-led Course

The NEBOSH Environmental Management Certificate online course is suitable for anyone that holds responsibilities for managing environmental issues within their workplace. The online instructor-led course is based on a globally relevant approach to environmental management and will benefit organisations in all sectors.

This course is an extremely useful qualification to hold for managers, supervisors, worker representatives and those responsible for environmental strategies and reviews within their organisation. It is ideal for those looking to progress into a career in environmental management as it provides a sound understanding of the principles of environmental management, and creates a solid basis of study on which to build upon to work towards a NEBOSH Environmental Diploma.

The course is also used by many organisations in order to train their managers to assist in the implementation and maintenance of environmental management systems such as the ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.

This course is designed for people throughout the world who understand the growing importance of holding a recognised and respected environmental management qualification.

What’s Included in the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Online Course?

This NEBOSH Environmental Certificate course is delivered online via video conferencing software. The software is really easy to use, more environmentally friendly than face to face training and allows learners to connect to high quality tutor-led training from a location that is convenient to them.

Qualified and Experienced Tutors

Tutors have both practical experience in environmental management and as NEBOSH course tutors use the best materials for the course.

Study Time

5 days + Self-study time + optional exam tutorial

Course Units

This qualification covers the practical issues relating to the management of environmental risks. It takes a proactive, risk management approach which is based around best practice and industry standards.

Unit EMC1: Environmental Management:

  • Element 1: Foundations in environmental management
  • Element 2: Environmental management systems
  • Element 3: Assessing environmental aspects and impacts
  • Element 4: Planning for and dealing with environmental emergencies
  • Element 5: Control of emissions to air
  • Element 6: Control of environmental noise
  • Element 7: Control of contamination of water sources
  • Element 8: Control of waste and land use
  • Element 9: Sources and use of energy and energy efficiency

Unit EC2: Assessing environmental aspects and associated impacts:

  • A practical assessment carried out at the candidate’s workplace.

NEBOSH recommends a private study commitment based around 25 hours of self-directed further study and background reading in addition to the 5 taught classroom days.

Certification and Assessment

The qualification is divided into two units, each of which is assessed separately:

  • Unit EMC1 is an Open Book Examination completed online and submitted directly to NEBOSH.
  • Unit EMC2 is a Practical application of your learning in the form of an environmental risk assessment carried out based on your workplace.
  • You must complete a post-examination interview after completing your open book exam.
  • Both units must be successfully completed within 5 years to achieve the full NEBOSH National Environmental Certificate.

Requirements to Attend the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Course Online

Aside from a suitable standard of English there are no requirements for this course.

Other Requirements

Suitable Device

A tablet, laptop, PC or other suitably sized device that will allow you to view the learning materials, tutor and other delegates. A phone is not a suitable device for Zoom courses as the screens are typically too small to view the slides. Where possible we recommend the use of two screens.

The Zoom video conferencing software works best when it is downloaded to the device that you are using to attend the course.

Microphone & Webcam

Virtual classroom courses require participants to join with both video and audio capabilities. Some suitable devices may have these built in such as laptops and modern tablets, if your device does not have video and audio capacity, please utilise external hardware such as a microphone and webcam.

Where possible webcams should be set to eye level, and microphones should be kept away from audio output devices such as speakers.


We recommend that you have at least 3MB per second download & upload speed (3MB/s) to ensure a stable and high quality
connection to the video conference.

Suitable Environment

In order to ensure that every delegate can get the most out of the course delegates are required to attend from a quiet room with no distractions. There is an integrated feature in Zoom that allows you to use a simple background such as an office background if you are not able to sit with your back to a plain wall.

Stay Seated and Present

Be prepared to stay present and attentive for the full duration of the course. Whether it is a one day course or a series of taught days make sure that you have everything that you need to attend the full programme of the course.

NEBOSH Environmental Certificate Distance Learning

The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate is available in distance learning format. If you choose to study via distance learning you will be provided with all of the course materials, which have been developed by one of the UK’s leading health and safety training providers. This will include advice for studying and taking the exams, as well as support from a dedicated tutor. You will be able to contact your tutor at any time via telephone or email and you will also have access to a Facebook group for distance learning students, so that you can discuss the course with other students.

NEBOSH Certificate in Environmental Management

The NEBOSH environmental certificate gained and issued upon successful completion of the distance learning course is exactly the same as if you were to study in a classroom or any other learning format.

What’s different about the distance learning course?

The distance learning course is studied at home using course materials which are sent directly to you at your home or workplace. Distance learning is different to e-learning in that you work from materials and not via online access to a learning management system (LMS or VLS). Distance learning also different to classroom learning in that you will not be tied to a set time schedule and you do not study in a traditional classroom setting.

You will be able to study the course independently on your own time, with total flexibility in regards to your hours. It is recommended that you spend at least 60 hours studying the EC1 program and 10 hours on the EC2 programme in order to cover all of the materials.

Exam Prices for Distance Learning Students

When studying via distance learning you don’t pay for your exam upfront — you choose your preferred exam dates and pay later directly with the training provider after you’ve booked the course.

  • 1 x Written exam (NGC1, GC2, FC1, NCC1, EC1, IGC1): £99 exc. VAT
  • Practical Assessment (EC2, FC2, GC3, NCC2): £50 exc. VAT
  • Oil & Gas Certificate (IOG1): £120 exc. VAT (held at one of our venues)
  • NGC Open Book Exam (NG1, IG1, NGC1, IGC1): £120 exc. VAT
  • NGC New syllabus practical assessment (NG2 IG2): £85 exc. VAT
  • NEBOSH Diploma Enrolment Fee: £60
  • NEBOSH Diploma written exam fee per unit: £135 excl. VAT (held at one of our venues)
  • NEBOSH Diploma unit DNI exam: £99 excl. VAT