The IOSH Managing Environmental Responsibilities course is the idea option for anyone who is responsible for managing environmental issues. The course content is delivered by professionally trained tutors in a traditional classroom setting. This provides a quality education with a week-long opportunity to learn and understand the topics, and use the tutors to ensure all questions are answered before sitting down and attempting the short written assessment. If you are in a position where you must manage environmental issues in accordance with your organisation’s own policy and within legislation this is the course for you. You will be provided with many excellent skills that you can apply back in your working environment. By the end of the five days you will have the skills which will allow you to:
  • Know that training and supervision is a must for employees along with providing the right information regarding all work related environmental issues
  • Be able to create environmental reviews following good practice standards and legislation
  • Learn how to use communication to be able to discuss environmental issues with all levels of employers
  • Identify the hazards to the environment caused by or found within the organisation
  • Applying excellent management principles
  • Understand and be able to explain the component parts of an environmental management system
  • Learn and identify how organisations need to comply with the environmental legislation

What’s required if you decide to take the course?

If you decide to take the five day course you will need to attend each day of training in order to gain all the information you require to pass. At the end of the course you will have a written test to complete and a practical assessment to evaluate your newly obtained skills. When you pass the assessments you will be awarded with the IOSH Managing Environmental Responsibilities certificate. The qualification is awarded by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health. This is a British organisation whose qualifications are highly regarded and recognised on an international scale. If you would like to book your place on this excellent value IOSH course all you need to do is contact one of our team. You can do this by calling 0808 1966 830 today.

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