Environmental management training helps to open your eyes to the responsibilities your organisations have when concerning the environment. There are many areas that need to be managed effectively to help you to comply with the Regulations in this area. If you or your employees have been given the role of managing the environmental factors and issues in your organisation it is important to provide training opportunities to ensure the work is performed efficiently.

The IEMA Environmental Awareness training for managers covers several important topics. The delegates will learn about how environmental issues, both global and local, evolve. The course will then teach the delegates how to incorporate these issues into the general management of the company. On the training course the delegates will also be given the opportunity to learn about the kind of impacts that the organisation may have on the environment and how to bring in ways of reducing them.

The IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management covers several other important topics including:

  • How to put in control measures so that your operations and waste do not cause pollution issues
  • How to come up with processes that can be used to assess the progress of the management and the environmental performances
  • General terms about the earth’s natural systems
  • Social and ethical aspects of sustainability
  • Economic advantages of sustainability
  • Understanding the key points in the environmental legislation


At the end of the training all of the delegates will be required to sit an open book exam. The exam lasts for three hours and will show that the delegate has understood the concepts covered on the training course. If the exam is passed successfully the IEMA Associate Certificate is awarded.

Do You Need to Provide Environmental Training?

It is important to give training to anyone that has responsibilities when it comes to environmental issues in the workplace. They will be able to then control, manage and monitor the effectiveness of any new alterations. You may even find that your company is able to save money due to saving and reducing the energy that you use.

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