The NEBOSH Environmental Certificate will provide you or an employee of yours with valuable skills that are worth having. Why? Simply because with qualifications in environmental management you are able to help your business save money and improve on the way you stay on top of your responsibilities.

One of your responsibilities is to stay on top of the legal requirements that have been set out. There are environmental laws and international management systems to follow such as the ISO 14001. The ISO 14001 is part of the 14000 family that includes all sorts of tools and standards that include management, cycle analysis, auditing and communication.

What Does the Environment Certificate Cover?

The environmental certificate by NEBOSH is a great place to start learning valuable skills and techniques that can be used in any industry. The syllabus covers many practical issues and is tailored around the best practices as well as the international standards you need to be complying with. There are many topics to learn such as the control of pollution within your organisation as well as dealing with any environmental problems or emergencies that arise.

Using environmental management systems learnt on the training it is possible to see what the issues are that are hurting your organisation the most. From there you will be able to control and manage these problems and reduce losses and improve the trust that is built by being a responsible firm.  By making the systems a key performance indicator to stay on top of the work being carried out and see the cost benefits quickly and easily.


The National Examinational Board in Occupational Safety and Health is widely recognised both domestically and abroad. With their courses you are given excellent skills and techniques as well as a qualification that will serve the successful candidate and your entire organisation.

The NEBOSH courses can be found all over the country and taken at any time. You can send your employees off to a local learning centre to take the training or take advantage of long distance/eLearning opportunities.

The benefits of the certificate include:

  • Reducing your costs in regards to distribution
  • Saving energy, reducing costs relating to energy and materials
  • Improving your corporate image
  • Save money by improving your waste management

No Qualifications Required

Anyone is able to attend the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate courses. It is a brilliant place to start and there are further opportunities to strengthen the skills within your team thanks to the National Diploma that is also provided by the National Examination Board in Occupational Health and Safety. The certificate is a great starting point for more in depth training but this course alone will be beneficial to your firm.

Don’t lose money or respect from your customers and investors. The training course ensures you comply with laws and standards required.

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