NEBOSH Environmental Diploma Course

The NEBOSH Environmental Diploma course builds on the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management and includes the following topics:

  • Quantitive risk assessment applicable to environmental issues including consequence modelling
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Environmental impact assessments and planning law
  • Hazardous waste and treatment options including landfill design and management
  • Waste Water Treatments
  • Noise control and monitoring BS 4142
  • Waste water treatment
  • Air abatement technology
  • Hazardous substances, COMAH and the packaging, labelling and transportation of dangerous goods

Course Assessment

The NEBOSH Environmental Diploma assessment comprises of a written 3 hour examination paper. Candidates must also submit an environmental audit report. The assessments cover both IEMA Certificate and specialist Diploma topics.

What Attendees Will Learn During the Training

At the end of the NEBOSH National Diploma in Environmental Management training course delegates will be able to:

  • Outline risk assessment techniques that can be applied to environmental issues
  • Outline the nature and causes of environmental noise and the principles of reduction and control
  • Outline legal requirements that relate to environmental noise
  • Describe the various stages in the waste water treatment process
  • Outline the options for treating hazardous waste including landfill, incineration and composting
  • Outline the main requirements of the COMAH and CHIP regulations, and the regulation that relate to the transportation of dangerous goods
  • Outline the issues and controls associated with Landfill Management and Incineration
  • Outline the main Environmental Planning Laws and the Environmental Impact Assessment (ElA) methodology
  • State the issues associated with Environmental Pressure Groups
  • Describe the methods and standards for environmental monitoring and analysis

Entry Requirements

All delegates attending the NEBOSH Environmental Diploma course must have previously attended the IEMA Certificate in Environmental Management or the NEBOSH Environmental Certificate.