Environmental management training can be deeply involved and detailed, and those who are new to the role can find some of the higher courses a little too challenging. If you have recently hired or promoted a person to take control of some of the environmental issues within your organisation it’s important to find them a suitable course that will teach the basics. One of the most suitable courses for new managers is the IEMA Foundation Certificate in Environmental Management. This course will look into the background of many issues which will help to establish deep knowledge to benefit the candidate and your organisation as a whole. Some of the issues covered include:

  • What the environmental impacts are within an organisation
  • How to identify the issues and how they can be incorporated into the day to day management within the organisation
  • How to assess performance
  • How environmental management systems operate and function

The foundation course is completed in just two days and can lead on to further training
opportunities. The IEMA Associate Certificate is a great course for those who have completed the foundation certificate or if the candidate already has some basic knowledge and experience in managing environmental issues. The Associate Certificate will provide more in-depth training and provide further training in areas such as:

  • How to strategically create practical ways of reducing the impact the organisation has on the environment
  • Learning about inter-relationships such as social, economic and ethical aspects of sustainability
  • The environmental legislation
  • Ensuring solutions do not pollute and full compliance is maintained at all times

By providing adequate training you can make sure that your managers are able to keep the company within the law when it comes to environmental matters such as waste management and pollution. These are all important topics and essential knowledge is required to help avoid prosecution and serious incidents that can seriously affect those within your organisation and the environment.

To find suitable environmental management training for your employees take a look on our course finder or contact one of our trained advisors. You can do this by giving us a call on 0808 1966 830 or by using our easy to use online form.

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