When looking for a recognised qualification in health and safety the NEBOSH General Certificate would make an excellent choice. Many construction companies in the UK and further afield consider this course to be excellent and immediately recognise it. NEBOSH courses and qualifications are ideal for employers to send their managers and supervisors on as well as individuals to attend that want to make themselves more employable or suitable for an upcoming promotion.

Excellent Learning Outcomes to Benefit Any Business

The General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety is split into three sections. They all focus on ensuring the delegate has a wide amount of knowledge that will prepare them for their role as a supervisor or manager within your organisation. Any successful delegate that gains the qualification will be prepared for real life working situations and will be able to competently manage the health and safety responsibilities that come with their role. The outcomes of the course include:

  • Understanding the legal framework of health and safety within the organisation
  • How to build on communication to help promote a strong health and safety culture
  • Learn how proactive and reactive health and safety is important and necessary for monitoring and reviewing safety measures
  • Learn multiple strategies that can be used to reduce the risks at work, how to apply safe working methods and controlling hazards
  • How to perform risk assessments, review procedures and record any findings that are made and use them to further reduce risks within the organisation
  • How to report any incidents and accidents that occur
  • Learn how the working environment can cause ill health and how to avoid problems for employees health
  • Learn about the hazards and risks that come from fire
  • Create fire procedures for the workplace

The course content is tested at the end of the training in the form of two exams and a written assessment. The assessment is practical and will need to be completed in the workplace and handed in on time in order to complete the course.

The NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety can be booked with Envico. You can also learn more about the training by calling our team on 0808 1966 830.

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