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Why Take the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing Course?

With employee absence costing business £17billion in 2009 organisations can benefit from staff taking this NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing qualification. They will be better placed to manage difficult employee issues such as absenteeism and high staff turnover, staff physical and mental wellbeing resulting in significant cost savings. Healthy workers can be almost 3 times more productive than their unhealthy colleagues – Research commissioned by Medibank Private (2005). An average direct cost of absence was £595 per employee i.e. salary costs of absentees, costs for replacements and time lost in service or production in 2009 setting a new record high, 12% higher than previous, the indirect cost was £465. Loss of productivity, cost of sick pay and staff cover are the biggest costs of absence. Research has proven that proactive attendance management practices help reduce absence levels with the role of line managers being crucial in helping to manage absence and improve attendance

Research taken from CBI “On the path to recovery: Absence and workplace health survey 2010”

Who is the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing Course for?

The NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing course is targeted at employees from all sectors who need to gain an understanding of the management of health and well-being at work.

What You’ll Learn During the Training

After successfully completing the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing training course the delegate will be better able to:

  • Outline the scope and nature of health and well-being at work Explain the benefits of maintaining and promoting health of the working population
  • Outline the principle legal framework for regulations
  • Describe the role of effective management in the workplace health and the effects of health on work
  • Outline the role of pre-employment screening, fitness to work standards and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995
  • Outline the potential impact of substance misuse in the workplace
  • Outline positive benefits of work on health Explain how patterns of work can affect health and what control measures can be adopted
  • Describe what may constitute a healthy working environment
  • Identify the main causes and types of sickness absence within organisations
  • Explain the use and benefits of sickness absence recording and monitoring
  • Outline the role and responsibilities of the health professionals, line-managers, human resources and the employee in the management of absence.

Course Delivery

This NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing course is delivered ‘in person’ in a traditional classroom setting. The training is delivered over five days.

NEBOSH Qualification and Certification

Delegates are awarded the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing on successful completion of a 2-hour written paper and practical assessment.

Can I Do the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing Course Online?

Yes, the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing course is available online in the form of virtual learning using a real live instructor. This one-day virtual classroom course develops learner’s understanding of the most important aspects of occupational wellbeing. It provides the knowledge and skills that are needed to positively influence employee wellbeing within the workplace, and to start making actions that will improve wellbeing.

Delivering the course in a virtual classroom enables you to attend time efficiently from anywhere, without costs of travel and accommodation. The virtual classroom, led by your tutor, provides you with an opportunity to share experiences and network with other learners form different industries and backgrounds.

Employee health and wellbeing has a direct influence on productivity and the quality of performance at work. As such, it’s incredibly important to have workplace wellbeing considered as part of your organisation’s operations, and where applicable, your management of health and safety as a whole.

Research has shown that good wellbeing within the workplace can:

  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce accidents and injuries
  • Increase employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Reduce sickness absence
  • Increase productivity

Course Dates and Fees

View all virtual NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing online course dates and fees.

What’s Included in the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing Online Instructor-led Course?

This NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing online course provides a fresh approach to wellbeing that can be applied to any role, any sector, across the world. By the end of the course, learners will be able to understand what wellbeing is and why it matters, how wellbeing can be improved in different ways, and how to intervene to improve wellbeing in the workplace.

Who is the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing Course Suitable For?

This NEBOSH accredited course has been designed with multiple roles in mind. It’s a great course for any manager, supervisor or team leader, and is well suited for HR specialists, and health and safety professionals.

Course Content

Foundations of Wellbeing:

  • What wellbeing means
  • Why wellbeing matters
  • The branches of wellbeing; benefits and what this means in practice:
  • Interaction
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Nutrition
  • Kindness
  • Learning

Interventions in the workplace

  • Planning interventions
  • Measuring the effectiveness of interventions

Certification and Assessment

The online NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing course is assessed with a one-hour exam that has been designed to measure your understanding and ability to apply what you have learnt to your workplace.

Learners are required to review the strengths and weaknesses of their organisation in relation to each of the areas of wellbeing covered by the course.

Following this, you will then produce a wellbeing intervention plan for the workplace, and explain how its effectiveness will be measured when implemented.



In-house Training Option

This training course can also be delivered as an in-house programme for organisations with multiple employees to train.

What is NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing?

The NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing course is an introductory level qualification that looks at workplace wellbeing at both an individual and organisational level.

Who is the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing Course Suitable For?

This NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing course is designed for those who wish to gain a greater understanding of workplace wellbeing and the factors which affect it and it is relevant to any business, in any sector. It is suitable for people working in:

  • Human Resources
  • Health and Safety
  • Occupational Health
  • Anybody with People Management Responsibilities

What’s included in the NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing Course?

Learning Method

E-learning / online

Course Duration

7 Hours

Course Content

The NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing qualification consists of one unit which must be successfully completed within six months to achieve the qualification.

This course covers:

  • Foundations of Wellbeing – what it means and why it matters
  • The Branches of Wellbeing; benefits and what this means in practice – interaction, exercise, mindfulness, nutrition, kindness, learning
  • Interventions in the Workplace – planning & measuring their effectiveness


This online NEBOSH Working with Wellbeing course is assessed through the development of an effective intervention plan to improve wellbeing in the workplace which will take around one-hour to complete.

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