The construction industry is one of the most dangerous areas to work within and there are a wide range of different hazards to workers on the job. This is why it is so absolutely essential for employers in the construction industry to ensure that their workers receive the appropriate construction site safety training for the tasks that they are performing. There are many different types of construction workers out there, from welders to electricians, who will each face their own specific health and safety dangers. It is crucial for employers to be aware of the risks that are facing their workers so that they can work to reduce death and injury in the workplace.

Construction Health and Safety Risks

Here are a few examples of the specific types of construction health and safety risks that apply to different types of workers:
  • Welders – These types of workers can be at risk of exposure to fumes, as well as the sharp instruments that they work with. Also, they are at risk for eye injury if they do not wear proper protection when looking at the welding flame.
  • Brick Masons – These workers are at risk of fall or being struck by heavy loads. They are also at risk for lung health issues as a result of breathing in harmful dust and contaminants.
  • Plumbers – Often exposed to dangerous materials such as asbestos, plumbers are at risk for lung problems as well.
  • Drywall Installers – The dust from drywall has been proven to cause serious illnesses and potentially death. Drywall Installers also have to carry heavy loads of drywall, which can result in back strain and other injuries.
  • Painters – A common construction health and safety risk for painters is exposure to paint fumes, which can be toxic. Also, painters could experience injury when falling off ladders or scaffolding.
  • Operating Engineers – These workers are often at risk for hearing impairment as a result of exposure to loud noise, as well as health problems associated with harmful dust and other contaminants.
These are just a few examples of specific types of construction health and safety risks associated with different specialties within the health and safety industry. These risks can result in minor injury, or can be the cause of serious injuries or even death. This is why it is so important to follow the correct procedures and ensure that all employees are properly trained in construction health and safety. Painters face different construction health and safety risks than plumbers do, so it is important to make sure that workers are trained in all aspects of workplace safety.

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