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What is the Low Risk C&G Confined Space Rescue Course For?

Confined spaces pose specific hazards to rescuers that must be recognised and accounted for. Some of these hazards can be lethal if unchecked, which makes specialist City & Guilds confined space training all the more vital. That’s what this course is all about. It’ll equip rescuers to enter confined spaces where the risk of a particular hazard is low. It’s the shortest of three courses we offer, and will last for just a single day.

What Will I Learn During the Training?

Enrol in this course and you’ll be taught:

  • The differences between a high-risk, medium-risk, and low-risk confined spaces.
  • How to safely enter and exit low-risk confined spaces
  • What proper preparation involves.
  • What procedures should be followed for the safest possible work.
  • How to use specialist equipment that’s needed to deal with hazards, like gas detectors and breathing apparatus.
  • How to correctly don and adjust a safety harness.
  • What sorts of gas might pose a threat and why.
  • How to inspect such devices prior to use.
  • The roles and responsibilities and top-man-bottom-man duties